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Belize Dolphin Studies

DS21 Update — Friday, July 15, 2011

The First Wave

Belize just got more exciting.

After a day and a half of recovery from the first trip, life was beginning to be a bit dull and lonely for our fearless leaders. Today, all of that changed. At 12:40, Josephine became the first of the next wave of students to arrive in Belize City making up DS21. We had about 2 hours to hang out at the airport getting to know her which was fantastic. We shared stories, carrots, cheese, crackers, and laughter while waiting for the others to arrive. By nearly 3pm we learned that Chelsea’s flight had been slightly delayed but we were relieved to see her come through with the students from the other flight: Michael, Sarah, Cooper, Mia, and Victoria. All 9 of us piled into the van with our trusty driver/tour guide Robert and made our way over the bumpy Belizean streets to the pier where our boat was waiting. During this time we made phone calls home, had some snacks, and tried very hard to pour water from a large jug into personal water bottles.

Upon arrival to Spanish Lookout Caye, the group had some time to quite literally test the waters of our new home for the next several days by wading out a bit from the beach in the warm water. The staff led everyone to our colorful and comfortable cabanas that are built on strong stilts above the water; a picture perfect setting. Settling in took most of the next 45 minutes before heading over to dinner. Over a nice appetizer platter of conch fritters we learned about the Broadreach dinner rituals such as the quote, toast, glums and glows, and squeeze. Conversation flowed all the way through the delectable key lime pie but had to be cut short in the interest of getting some rest. Cooper volunteered to be the leader of the day for tomorrow so while the rest of the group went back to work on the scuba textbook and get ready for bed, he came to talk to us about tomorrow’s schedule. The schedule involves a lot of academics (of the scuba variety), but if all goes according to plan, it will also include taking the first few breaths underwater for most of the group. Alas, I will refrain from disclosing too much information about tomorrow for it will be Cooper’s job to tell all about it and I will not steal his thunder.

For those interested in photographs:
Please understand that we are in Belize and internet is not as widespread as we may know back in North America. Here at Spanish Lookout Caye, we are provided just enough internet access to post these updates but are advised not to upload or download any photos or else the internet will shut down for 24 hours. We will have full internet access at our next location in Caye Caulker and later on when we are back at Hotel Mopan in Belize City. Those are the only locations that we will be able to post photos so please be patient. Thank you for understanding.


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