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Our 2023 guide with gift ideas for your Broadreach student!

Need help thinking of the perfect gift for the Broadreach middle school or high school student in your life? If their Broadreach adventure sparked a passion for scuba diving, sailing, marine biology, veterinary medicine or wildlife conservation, we’ve got you covered. Here at Broadreach HQ, we’ve put our heads together and curated a list of items for the adventurer, ocean enthusiast, or budding scientist to keep the spirit of exploration alive throughout the year. Who knows–you may even find something to put on your own wishlist!


After this summer, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students on our phone-free policy. Disconnecting from our phones and staying present in the moment is refreshing and freeing! Is your student ready to incorporate more of that in their post-Broadreach life?

  • Your student will want a camera to capture their adventures. While you could buy a regular digital camera or GoPro, we love the idea of a screenless digital camera! Going screenless may seem like a step backward technologically, but hear us out. Not being able to see the photos right after you take them allows you to focus more on the moment you’re trying to capture rather than (over)analyzing each photo, taking and re-taking them to get your best angle. Plus, like the film cameras from days of yore, there’s the anticipation of seeing the photos later and reliving the memories.  Two options are the Camp Snap camera (we love the vintage look!) or the Paper Shoot Camera.
  • Time flies when you’re having fun! Instead of relying on your phone to keep track of time, we love going old school with an inexpensive, durable watch like this Casio Digital Watch. It’s inexpensive, rugged, available in multiple colorways and water resistant–perfect for a Broadreach program! We also love that it has an alarm. If you prefer a similar, slightly smaller, version, we also like this one.

Gear Up

Sometimes, having the right gear can make or break an experience! Nothing puts a damper on outdoor adventure like a sunburn, rash, or wet clothes. Make sure your Broadreacher is ready for their next adventure with these items.

  • Whether you’re trekking through the jungle on a night hike or sitting around a campsite talking, this collapsable solar lamp will light your way! We love that it’s rechargeable (either through a USB plugin or the lamp’s solar panels) and won’t take up too much space in your bag.
  • Everyone loves “beach waves,” but longer hair can get tangled from days spent in salt water and ocean winds. These hair ties are a genius way to tie hair back and keep it tangle-free!
  • It’s important to protect your skin while outdoors and in the water! You can pick up a rashguard or sun shirt from the Broadreach Gear Shed. We also love the activewear from Nudi Wear–an outdoor apparel company started by two divers! Not only are there awesome prints (including everyone’s favorite – the nudibranch!), but they strive to create clothes that are long-lasting and sustainable. They also donate 10% of their profits to conservation projects like coral reef restoration! We especially love the lionfish leggings! Hint – wearing them makes getting in and out of a wetsuit a snap.

Bring the Adventure Home

Is your student already counting the days til their next adventure? Bring adventure to them with one of these fun gifts!

  • If your student participated in a veterinary medicine, wildlife conservation or marine biology program, they might miss all the cool creatures they saw on program. They can make those connections at home with a membership to a local animal sanctuary or rescue!
  • Does your student with they could always be on – or under – the water? This ocean waves projector lamp will make them feel like they are from the comfort of their bedroom!
  • Carry a little bit of the ocean on your wrist! We love the 4ocean Last Straw bracelet. It’s made of recovered plastic straws and other ocean plastic! This anchor rope bracelet from Citrus Reef is great for the sailing enthusiast. It comes in several colors and 10% of the profits are donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.
  • Shopping for a teen obsessed with marine biology? Satisfy their curiosity with a book about some of their favorite marine animals. One we’re loving right now is “The Soul of an Octopus” by Sy Montgomery. You’ll learn so much about this fascinating animal through the author’s account of her friendship with several different octopuses.

Gifting a Broadreach Trip?

Planning to give a Broadreach trip as a gift (best gift ever?!), be sure to put your email instead of your student’s in the enrollment application to avoid spoiling the surprise! We’re happy to add their email later on.

Whether you’re gearing up for another summer with us at Broadreach or just want to let the adventure live on, we’re sure these gifts will delight your Broadreach alumnus!