About Us

Why Broadreach?

Broadreach summer programs are unforgettable, action-packed adventures for teens. We specialize in teen dive, sail, and marine biology liveaboard voyages, and also offer land-based adventures with a focus on scuba diving, wildlife conservation, and veterinary medicine. While many of our trips begin from our Caribbean base in St. Martin, we offer a variety of programs in some of the world’s most spectacular locations.

Make this summer an unbelievable adventure with Broadreach!

We create remarkable global adventures for teens with a focus on fun, exploration, and skill-building. Broadreach specializes in providing immersive sailing, scuba diving, marine biology,  veterinary medicine, and wildlife conservation experiences for middle- and high-schoolers. Located in some of the world’s most spectacular places, Broadreach teens engage in real-world, hands-on discovery under the guidance of experienced instructors. Our small group sizes allow students to connect with themselves and each other, building self-confidence and leadership skills.

  • Experts in teaching scuba diving + sailing to teens: Broadreach has its roots in running teen dive + sail programs. Since our inception in 1993, Broadreach students have earned over 40,000 certifications, and we’re partners of PADI and IYT. We’re proud to be a leader in teen dive + sail training!
  • Small group sizes: Limiting enrollments to a maximum of 12 teens per group is key to optimal group dynamics. The small group size allows exposure to diverse perspectives while also encouraging group cohesion and bonding.
  • Immersive learning + fun: This isn’t summer school! Whether or not your student earns college credits on their trip, they’ll develop independence, self-confidence, and leadership skills as they build life experiences. If they do opt for a credit-bearing program, they’ll apply knowledge to real-life situations through hands-on activities.
  • Experienced instructors: Our programs are led by highly trained instructors who are experts in their field. Broadreach instructors are passionate about passing along their knowledge and enthusiasm to teens and to making their program an unforgettable adventure!
  • All-inclusive, worry-free experience: Once you set foot on your Broadreach program, all meals, activities, and accommodations are covered in the program cost. No need to worry about budgeting for additional meals or add-ons – just focus on having a wonderful time!
  • Health + safety: Student safety is our top priority and it shows. We incorporate risk management into everything we do – from hiring and training staff to vetting in-country partners to creating program itineraries. Before programs start, we create comprehensive emergency action plans specific to each location and its activities. During programs, we keep a close eye to anticipate potential issues and make necessary adjustments.

Our mission

Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated study abroad adventures that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling.

So: what does this mean, really?

Our mission: To challenge and inspire participants to learn, grow, build new skills and become better global citizens through hands-on discovery, travel and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.

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Our values

Families who become part of the Broadreach community will not only see these values embodied in our team in Raleigh, N.C., but in our summer instructors and, most importantly, our students.

We love what we do, and combine hard work with fun in our day to day.

We love learning and value hands-on discovery (of anything and everything!).

We create thoughtfully designed experiences based on years of experience. We are knowledgeable about the industry and run programs with professionalism and confidence.

We know challenges help us learn, adapt and build confidence to face new situations. We bounce back.

We experiment, take risks and are brave. We aren’t afraid to be who we are.

We care about our people. We love working together to create stellar experiences from a place of empathy.


Does this sound like you or your student? Check out our middle school, high school and professional scuba programs and join the Broadreach community!

Our comprehensive programs work best when the students, families and educators we support trust us to be their guides – starting from when they first consider one of our adventures and all the way through their transitions back home. We demonstrate our care and support of families and educators by being available to address any questions and concerns, and through open, proactive communication that sets expectations and prepares students for travel. This same attention to relationships is demonstrated in our care for and communication with instructors, outfitters and community-based partners.

These values are our commitment to our families, our instructors, the communities we work with and to ourselves.

Founder's Note

Founder of Broadreach Carlton Goldthwaithe on a boat in the Caribbean

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what transforms a trip or vacation into an event that truly impacts your life. In my mind, it’s about wanting to come away with more than just photos, souvenirs and amazing memories. It’s about embracing the opportunity to face real and exciting challenges and being open to experiences that expand your assumptions and perspectives.

I’ve always envisioned Broadreach as something more than a single program or summer adventure. To me, it’s a journey that will introduce you to the world’s endless promise, encourage your passions, strengthen your goals, create lifelong bonds of friendship, and offer skills and knowledge that become stepping stones toward your future accomplishments.

As you look through our website and read about our programs, picture your path in life. What does it look like? Where would you like it to lead you? Do you have dreams of becoming a marine biologist, veterinarian or doctor? Would you like to see how far you can take your scuba or sailing skills? Is there a particular culture or place you want to connect with? I hope you’ll use this summer (and the next one and the one after that) to bring that path into focus.

Here’s to your great journey, wherever it may lead.
Carlton D. Goldthwaite