What is a Broadreach Custom Program?

Need help organizing a school tour? For over 25 years, Broadreach has sought fascinating locations where we can create meaningful, real-world learning opportunities. We have developed programs and school tours in more than 50 countries, and will gladly consider expanding our reach or revisit a past destination to achieve the goals of our program partners.

Every course we design is tailored to meet your specific goals. Maybe it’s mastering new skills, diving deeper into a subject area or gaining valuable leadership experience. At Broadreach, we thrive on collaboration and we’re excited to work with you to develop an amazing itinerary, just for your unique group! We leverage our relationships with in-country experts and build a dynamic itinerary, supported by experienced Broadreach instructors. We blend traditional learning with authentic hands-on experiences as we work in local communities, with non-profit organizations, research stations, wildlife reserves and more.

“I think this course was a good balance of learning and directed fun. Tired and happy students = success. The students really enjoyed both instructors. They felt comfortable talking to each of them and follow their guidance and leadership. For me, they were excellent support when navigating, rallying and encouraging the students as well as local guides and venues. ” Dina, educator and 2019 custom program participant
“You make everything a breeze and are always several steps ahead. You have local contacts that allow the students to build relationships and fall in love with the location, people, and culture. I wish adventures were always this easy!” Custom program leader

What do you get with a Broadreach custom program?

Customized course design

When designing programs, we always start with the goals of our partners. We bring our international experiences and hands-on learning focus to every program as we work with you to create exactly what you need. We find that the most successful programs focus on learning outside the classroom through active, growth-filled experiences, so we’ll suggest locations and activities that allow your group’s time to be centered in learning-by-doing. All Broadreach programs are developed, facilitated and supported by our dedicated Broadreach staff, from pre-departure all the way through your return home.

Risk management

It’s important to us that teachers and group leaders are able to focus on the experience with their group, so we’ll take a lead role in managing risk both before and during the program. We create well-planned courses, provided trained support and detailed location-specific guidelines. The structures we put in place allow all participants to focus on their experience and accomplish their goals. We also have support back home at Broadreach HQ. In Raleigh, N.C., there is always an on-call team ready to assist while programs are in the field. Partners can feel confident in the support Broadreach provides.

International network

Broadreach has worked with extensive global network of community leaders, educators, researchers, professionals, cultural experts, and facility and equipment managers. These relationships enable us to be efficient and ensure every aspect of the experiences meet or exceed your expectations. While we organize all parts of your experience, we work closely with outfitters and experts around the world to ensure an incredible program from start to finish.

Flexible itineraries, timing and costs

Our experience, global reach and diversity of course offerings allow us to deliver a variety of high-quality, customized programs throughout the year. We will work with you to optimize the program experience for your budget at whatever time of year works best for your group.

Custom resources

Prior to your program, we create a specialized website to assist you in promoting and enrolling students. Enrolled students gain access to a customized portal that facilitates necessary pre-program processes, making it easier to organize deadlines, finances, travel details, packing lists, curriculum guides, passport data and more.

College credit

Going beyond the common approach to group travel, Broadreach pioneered a relationship with Lesley University to offer rigorous, short-term courses for college credit. We have several past and current summer course offerings that are available for 2-3 college credits. Let us know if you’re interested in offering your students college credits on your program, and we can work together to design a custom itinerary for you that aligns with these approved courses.

Dedicated support

From program development through your return home, Broadreach will provide support to you and your group. Prior to the program, we can help promote your program, answer incoming family questions, manage payments and prepare your group to travel. During your program, a trained Broadreach instructor will assist in facilitating the course and Broadreach HQ staff will be on call. Once you return home, we’ll help you with the debrief process and to wrap up the experience. We recognize that each school and organization has different preferences for involvement, so we will work with you to determine how our partnership will manifest itself at each stage of the process

Program Instructors

One of our goals for every Broadreach custom program is that all accompanying faculty become active participants on their program. Trained Broadreach instructors accompany each program and act as an essential resource – they take the lead in risk management, provide in-country guidance and help manage the countless logistics associated with group travel.

Instructors that accompany Broadreach custom programs are hand-selected from our wide community with the needs of you, our partner, in mind. We have an amazing network of instructors that are excited to join you on your adventure. Learn more about them here.