Veterinary Medicine

Broadreach offers immersive veterinary medicine summer programs for teens.

If you’re in middle school or high school and want to become a vet, a Broadreach veterinary summer camp is the place to start. Unlike some animal summer camps, our summer veterinary programs give you hands-on experience with animals while you explore amazing ecosystems around the world.

On our summer vet programs, you’ll work with veterinarians and conservationists at clinics, animal rescues, and in the field. You’ll assist with surgeries and physical examinations on all sorts of animals, from the exotic to the everyday. Discover your passion as you experience and explore different facets of veterinary medicine. Turn to your skilled instructors for knowledge and insight into how your passions could turn into a career related to animals.

When you’re not working directly with animals, you’ll have a blast with the other teen animal lovers on your trip.  Snorkel, surf, kayak, or zipline through the stunning landscapes of Costa Rica or the Bahamas.

During Broadreach veterinary medicine adventures, students will:

  • Volunteer in wildlife centers and field research stations.
  • Gain hands-on experience working with a variety of animals across remote locations.
  • Conduct research alongside professional researchers and veterinarians.
  • Explore different professional paths available to work with animals.
  • Perform service projects in meaningful areas of the world. 
  • Build practical skills in animal care, preventative medicine and conservation.
vet summer camps for high school students

From the exotic to the every day, get hands-on experience with animals on a Broadreach veterinary medicine summer adventure.