Leadership Curriculum

We believe that incorporating opportunities to develop leadership skills is an essential part of creating any student travel experience. At Broadreach, we have developed a unique leadership curriculum that is incorporated into our program design. On a program, students learn about leadership through acting as group leaders, receiving feedback from instructors, participating in facilitated discussions and by learning from examples. We call our integrated leadership curriculum “Leader of the Day.”

Depending on the goals and itinerary of each specific program, student leaders of the day will have varying degrees of ownership over the group experience. Every program has elements of student-driven choice, as well as opportunities to take responsibility for the day’s direction.

Some examples of leader responsibilities include:

  • Writing the daily blog post.
  • Taking and selecting photos to post with the blog.
  • Leading morning meetings.
  • Leading evening dinner activities, like giving a toast.
  • Facilitating group decisions, games or downtime activities.
  • Being a liaison between the group and instructors.
  • Briefing the group on the daily schedule.
  • Keeping the group on schedule and managing time.
  • Coordinating tasks for team members.
  • Assisting in meal planning, shopping and/or preparation.