Our Process

Broadreach’s extensive experience gives us distinct advantages with course design, instructor training and risk management. Our one-to-one partnership approach builds lasting relationships and drives our programs’ success.

Step 1: Conversation

Every Broadreach partnership begins with a thoughtful review of your goals. We work with you to uncover the purpose behind your travel to design the best program to achieve your desired outcomes. Program goals tend to span a combination of curriculum objectives, skill development, authentic community interaction and understanding topics of global importance.

Step 2: Initial Proposal

We propose an outline for the course that provides a daily schedule of activities connected to the program’s objectives. Our program cost, estimated flight cost and a detailed description of what is and is not included in these costs will be provided.

[You can start thinking through some program details here!]

Step 3: Feedback, Editing + Final Proposal

Because every Broadreach partnership is a collaboration, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. After receiving the initial proposal, we want your feedback about how you believe we can create an even better experience to achieve your goals. After incorporating your feedback, we share a final proposal.

Step 4: Program Enrollment

We can help you with any necessary documents for official school approval, and can also help you market to students! Need a simple website, poster, slideshow or handouts to help spread the word about your program? We can help! We can also arrange to attend virtual presentations and Q&A sessions or even budget for Broadreach to come in-person to your location.

Step 5: Financial Processing

Our financial systems are flexible as we recognize that each partner has different needs. We can accept individual enrollments and payments directly through our website, or we can accept a group payment from your school or organization. We require a deposit upon enrollment in order to confirm the program and final tuition is due at a later agreed upon date.

Step 6: Paperwork Collection + Distribution 

Our secure, pre-course preparation website allows the enrollment process to be done almost entirely online. All paperwork, pre-departure materials and payment options are housed in the Broadreach portal. Each user creates a unique profile that gives individualized status updates and deadlines. It has been designed to easily share information between Broadreach, our partners and families. It’s designed to make your life easier!

Step 7: Pre-Departure Preparation

Your group will be given online access to all health, safety and vaccination information, course readings, packing lists, travel day instructions and other relevant information via the portal. Our team is available (and excited!) to answer any individual questions or concerns from students, parents, or other key stakeholders. We can provide guides to pre-departure meetings and support your specific group’s needs.

Step 8: Go On Your Program!

Your Broadreach program instructors will meet you and the group at the airport, accompany you for the duration of your trip, and are on call to facilitate and support you in whatever way you need. Back in Raleigh, N.C., the Broadreach HQ team is also on call to assist remotely and to check in daily. Throughout the trip, the group can write and post a daily blog along with pictures for friends and family to follow along with back home.

Step 9: Program Debrief + Evaluation

Our support extends beyond the end of your program to ensure a safe and successful transition home. We’ll conduct a review of your program experience which is a great time to reflect on all that we accomplished together! We can also make plans for how to transfer what we learned to future experiences. Let’s plan another adventure together!

“I loved how well planned it was and how everything was taken care of. All I had to do was follow [our instructor] and make sure the students were secure and safe.” Michelle, educator and 2019 custom program participant