Pack your bags for a summer of adventure!


Are you ready to embark upon the summer of a lifetime? Do you want to experience new parts of the world, build fun new skills, and meet a group of teens who will become life-long friends? Join us this summer on a Broadreach program!

Broadreach programs are specially designed for middle and high school students with a passion for scuba diving, sailing, marine biology, wildlife biology, and veterinary medicine.

Scuba Dive

Discover the world beneath the waves on a Broadreach scuba dive adventure this summer. You’ll dive in crystal-clear Caribbean waters next to rare fish and coral. On a Broadreach scuba adventure, you’ll earn scuba certifications, and have a BLAST. Whether you opt for a liveaboard program in the Caribbean or a land-based program, you’ll work with a PADI-certified dive instructor in small groups. Watch as your dive skills and confidence grow quickly in a matter of weeks. Experience amazing marine life and earn specialties like rescue diver, night diver and more! Programs are available for divers of all levels, from beginners with no previous experience to seasoned divers earning professional diving certifications.


Raise your sails and head off on an epic adventure! During a 12- or 21-day sailing program, the sea will be your home as you live aboard a catamaran or monohull. Work with your new crewmates to navigate and sail across the Caribbean, forming tight bonds as you build confidence and leadership skills. Experience the freedom of the open seas while visiting unique and breathtaking islands along the way. Hike up a mountain to get the perfect sunrise view or dive into crystal-clear waters to get a glimpse of the marine life below.

Marine Biology

On a Broadreach marine biology adventure, you’ll come face-to-face with the marine life you’re learning about. Learn to dive and each scuba certifications, then hop out of the water and discuss what you experienced with your marine biologist instructor! With both liveaboard and land-based options, Broadreach marine biology programs are action-packed, immersive programs for teens.

Veterinary Medicine

For the animal enthusiast or veterinarian-to-be, Broadreach veterinary medicine programs allow teens to engage hands-on with animals. On a vet med program, you will volunteer in wildlife rescue centers and research stations in stunning international locations. Explore professional paths related to animals while engaging with wildlife in different settings. Learn from expert instructors and put your newfound knowledge to use in real-world situations!

Wildlife Biology

Experience some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet with a wildlife biology summer program! You’ll work directly with conservationists and ecologists, gaining hands-on experiences with the animals and environments you learn about.