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2023 Broadreach Student Panel

By: Broadreach HQ High School Adventures, Middle School

What’s it really like going on a Broadreach adventure? Whether you’ve just signed up for your first Broadreach trip or are still looking into your options, you probably have some questions. What’s travel day like? What do I need to pack? Is it hard to make friends? What was the best – and most challenging – part of your trip?

In this Virtual Student Panel, three Broadreach alumni students share their experiences and answer your questions! With five programs under their belts between the three of them – Costa Rica Veterinary Experience, Middle School 21-Day Scuba+ Sailing Voyage, Middle School St. Lucia 21-Day Alumni-Only Advanced Scuba Voyage, High School Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage, and Fiji Shark Studies – they have great advice on a variety of our land-based and liveaboard programs.

Have questions that weren’t addressed in the session? Please reach out! We love speaking with students and their families about our adventures and are happy to share alumni family references. Request more information, schedule a chat with one of our friendly program coordinators or give us a call at 919-256-8200. Wondering what programs are available? You can explore our program options for middle school and high school students. We update program availability at least once per business day on the website.