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From Broadreach to College: Writing Your Essay

By: Broadreach HQ Staff High School Adventures

If you’re applying to college, you know that a standout essay can make or break your application. Unlike your transcripts, test scores and application, it’s your chance to show admissions officers who you are, what you care about, and how you’ll contribute to their student body. However, figuring out what to write about can be a challenge.

If you’ve been on a Broadreach adventure, you have a unique experience to draw from, whether you worked alongside veterinarians, assisted with marine conservation, or honed your leadership skills. Here are some tips for using your Broadreach experience to write a compelling essay or personal statement for your college or scholarship applications:

1. Focus on a specific moment or experience:

Instead of trying to write about your entire Broadreach trip, choose a specific moment or experience that stands out. Did you overcome a fear or challenge? Was there a moment when you were able to flex your newfound leadership skills? Did you experience a situation that made you question a previously-held belief or perspective? Zooming in on one moment or situation allows you to go into more detail and give the reader a more vivid picture of what your experience was like.

2. Show, don’t tell:

Admissions officers want to see evidence of your character, values and interests. Instead of simply telling them what you learned or how you grew, show them by describing specific actions you took or moments that illustrate your point.

3. Reflect on what you learned:

After describing your experience, take some time to reflect on what you learned from it. How did it change you? What new perspectives did you gain? How will you apply what you learned in college and beyond?

4. Connect your experience to your goals:

Finally, make sure to connect your Broadreach experience to your goals and interests. How does your trip relate to your academic or career aspirations? How will it shape the person you hope to become in college and beyond?

If you’re a Broadreach alumni student, you probably have a million memories and anecdotes about your experience. It can be hard to sum up your program and what you’ve gained from it in several hundred words. We hope these tips will help you reflect on and use your Broadreach experience to write a compelling and unique college application essay. Good luck!