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2022 Broadreach Gift Guide

By: Broadreach HQ High School Adventures, Middle School, Parents, Scuba, Sailing, Marine Biology, Vet Medicine, Wildlife Conservation

Gift-giving season is upon us once again (how?!). If you’re drawing a blank on what to give the Broadreacher on your list (or maybe need ideas for things to put on your own holiday wishlist) – we’ve got you covered. Once again, Broadreach HQ has put their collective heads together to come up with gift options to fit a variety of gift-giving needs.

Gift adventure:

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that an organization that runs experiential programs for middle and high school students believes that experiences make the best gifts. If you’re planning to gift a Broadreach trip (best present ever?), you can take advantage of our holiday promotion. Use code BRGIFT22 when completing the enrollment application for $200 program tuition plus a wrapped pair of our Broadreach X Nectar sunglasses*. The promotion ends January 3, 2023, but make sure to enroll by December 13, 2022, if you want the wrapped gift by December 25.

Of course, there are tons of other ways to gift an experience. A family dive trip, weekend getaway, tickets to a concert or play, a membership to a local museum or a fun class – experiences are great ways to share your interests and make memories together.

Gifts to take on your adventure:

Maybe you’ve already got an adventure planned? We love functional gifts that can enhance your adventures!

  • An action camera/dive camera: We use GoPros on many of our trips to capture photos and videos; they’re a great option if you want a camera that will stand up against the drops, bumps, and water that come with an active adventure. If you’re planning to use it while diving, be sure to also get the waterproof protective housing, since the GoPro on its own is only waterproof to a certain depth (about 33 feet, but varies depending on the model). Don’t forget the accessories! A larger microSD memory card will ensure you can store plenty of footage on the camera. And if you’re planning to use it diving or snorkeling, get a set of dive filters and a floating handle.
  • A travel journal: Jotting down fun or memorable moments is a great way to hold on to favorite memories from an action-packed trip. We love Moleskine notebooks – they’re sturdy and well-made with a pocket to hold tickets, receipts, photos, or other little mementos.
  • A passport holder or travel wallet: A good passport holder will protect your passport and keep it conveniently on hand during travel. Look for ones that have space to keep boarding passes, vaccine cards, and some cash or a credit/debit card so you’ll have everything you need when clearing customs, boarding or just killing time during a layover.
  • Travel backpack: Is there anything better than arriving at your destination and smugly avoiding baggage claim? We love a well-designed backpack like this one from Cotopaxi that can help you do just that. This pack fits under the seat, has divided interior compartments, opens clamshell-style, and is comfortable to carry for people of all sizes.
  • Heading to the great outdoors? Buggy bands help prevent bug bites (and mosquito-borne illnesses) which will make for a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Staying hydrated is key for any active adventure. If your student doesn’t already have a water bottle, Nalgenes are always a popular choice. On Broadreach trips, Nalgenes are often used as units of measurement to gauge hydration levels, as in “how many Nalgenes have you drunk today?” They come in lots of colors, are “virtually indestructible” (according to Broadreach staff), and are easy to clean. Plus, it’s easy to attach them to things (a backpack, a PFD, a lifeline) to keep them on hand.  A bonus: their new Sustain Tritan line is made partially using material derived from plastic waste. Since drinking from wide-mouth bottles can be precarious (especially if you’re on a moving boat), a SplashGuard or some silicone straws are good add-ons.

Gifts to remember your adventure:

Hopefully, memories from your adventures will last you a lifetime. Gifts that inspire nostalgia and memories of past adventures are thoughtful and meaningful.

  • Scratch off travel map: Experiencing new countries and cultures is such a satisfying experience… and scratching off countries you’ve visited on this map is, too. It’s great decoration for a bedroom or dorm room, and looking at it will inspire the recipient to plan their next adventures.
  • The Wander Club keychains are a functional way to remember your travels – without taking up too much space. Pair a leather keychain with tokens that can be custom engraved – think islands or countries visited, or even names of other students on a past Broadreach trip. Plus, you can add on as your list of adventures grows.
  • Broadreach 30th Anniversary Sweatshirt: If you have a Broadreach alum in your life, the limited edition Broadreach sweatshirt is a great gift to show off your Broadreach pride and remember your place in Broadreach’s history! It comes in both crew neck and hoody styles. Best of all: 100% of the proceeds from both styles will be donated to the Broadreach Foundation to support scholarships!

Gifts that give back:

Supporting a cause that your student is passionate is a great way to pay your student’s Broadreach experience forward. By purchasing an item supporting a cause or through a direct donation, these could be great gifts for a magnanimous teen.

  • Adopt a shark: Beqa Adventure Divers, our partner for our Fiji Shark Studies trip, is such a special organization. More than just a dive shop, they contribute to shark and coral research and conservation efforts. Adopting a shark supports their efforts and connects Shark Studies alumni (or other students who love sharks) with this important work.
  • Stray dogs seen on many of the islands we visit on program tug at the heartstrings of us animal lovers. Donating to a local animal rescue can help support them! If your student participated in our St. Lucia Advanced Scuba Voyage or the Advanced Sailing Voyage, they may have visited the Bequia Animal Protection Alliance. You can donate to them to support their efforts to spay, neuter, and treat homeless animals on the island. Or, consider donating to SXM Paws, located on the same island as our Caribbean base, St. Martin.
  • Sea Bags, based in Portland, Maine, makes beautiful and functional bags made of recycled sails and sail fabric. They make great gifts for sailors – or really anyone who would use a tote bag – while supporting sustainability.
  • Reef Renewal Curaçao, one of our partners for our Curacao Marine Biology Adventure, is another great organization you can support by donating, adopting a coral, or purchasing an item from their wish list.
  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Broadreach Foundation – a separate nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for Broadreach programs. It’s entirely volunteer-run, and we appreciate donations of any size to help make Broadreach experiences more accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Bonus gag gift

Need a white elephant gift? We had a good chuckle at this Ramen sweatshirt. If your student has been on one of our Caribbean voyages, they’re likely well acquainted with Ramen noodles – and may have some strong opinions for or against. Either way, it’s sure to inspire some fun #boatlife memories.

Need more ideas? Check out our guide from last year for more (still awesome) gift ideas any Broadreacher would love. We also have some items from both years’ guides on this Amazon list; fast shipping is another bonus for any last-minute gift-givers!

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