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sea turtle hatchlings crawl to ocean in Costa Rica on high school conservation program

Student Perspective: Brendan Costa Rica Sea Turtles

By: Brendan, Broadreach alum High School Adventures, Marine Biology, Wildlife Conservation

What Broadreach trip have you completed? 

Costa Rica Sea Turtles + Marine Conservation

Why did you decide to do a Broadreach program?

I chose to attend a Broadreach summer program because of their amazing locations and because the programs are focused on specific areas of interest. I want to go into marine biology and they offered ones that allowed me access to working with biologists in the field all while gaining hands-on experience. One aspect that stood out from the other programs was the same size of groups and that for no extra cost were able to receive college credits. My family loved that they offered email updates, that included letters and pictures about our trip.

What was the best part of your Broadreach trip?

The trip was amazing they took us to some very cool places I really liked zip-lining and snorkeling. And of course, the friends I made! I honestly didn’t think that I would make the lasting friendships I did on this trip. Most of our group still stay in contact and plan to visit each other during the summer.

Were you nervous before going on your Broadreach trip? If so, what about?

Yes, a bit, mostly with traveling and having to switch planes and navigate through the airports and customs.

What’s a funny or meaningful memory from your trip?

I would have to say zip lining. We were all just getting to know each other and some of us were a bit nervous. It was definitely a bonding experience!

What’s the coolest or most impactful thing you learned on program?

The sea turtles were very cool to see and all the people who work tirelessly to ensure their safety and survival.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself before your first Broadreach trip?

To take in everything and live in the moment. The trip went by in a blink of an eye. We all were looking forward to rafting or certain adventures. It’s hard not to, but taking in everything is so important.

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