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Costa Rica Costa Rica Sea Turtle + Marine Conservation

Get your hands dirty on a wildlife adventure through the amazingly biodiverse rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica. Work with your friends to collect baby sea turtle data, observe unique marine species and build conservation skills.

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high school students in Costa Rica on sea turtle and marine conservation program
Student holds sea turtle hatchling in Costa Rica studying marine conservation
high school students release sea turtle hatchlings on Costa Rica beach during summer program

Tropical days investigating and defending the wildlife of Costa Rica

  • Explore the Costa Rican environment through the eyes of field biologists and conservationists.
  • Observe wildlife in remote national parks while learning how to use research equipment.
  • Contribute to data collection and conservation efforts in the eco-tourism capital of the world.
  • Apply your knowledge of sea turtle behavior and anatomy to a sea turtle conservation project.
  • Experience Costa Rican thrills like white water rafting through the jungle.
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July 21 - August 3, 2025$5,480Opens 9/15*Enroll Now

*Enrollment open now for alumni only, general enrollment opens 9/15.

“This trip was life changing! I learned a great deal of information, met amazing people, and had a once in a lifetime adventure. Broadreach is a wonderful program that allows young teens like myself to get a glimpse of the real world and all of the wonderful things that are open to us. Thank you Broadreach for putting together a safe, informative and unforgettable trip that I will be talking about for the rest of my life!” Faith, high school alumna

Costa Rica: Sea Turtle + Marine Conservation


Credits Available


Service Hours

Two natural science credits available through Lesley University. 

Course description: This course focuses on the fundamentals of sea turtle biology including evolution, anatomy, species identification, life history, reproduction and nesting behavior. Coursework will consist of both academic discussions and field work designed to introduce you to methods and equipment used by scientists in the field.

Course objectives: 

  • Build in-depth knowledge of Costa Rican sea turtle populations.
  • Develop detailed understanding of current conservation issues and the role of cultural and social issues in conservation strategies.
  • Discover conservation theories used to recover depleted sea turtle populations.
  • Learn common research and data collection methodologies including sea turtle monitoring techniques.
  • Understand habitat recovery and the importance of monitoring reforestation progress.
  • Gain insight into biodiversity and conservation on Costa Rican coasts.

10 hours of service learning through projects with conservation organizations to improve reforestation efforts and collect data for ongoing research efforts.


  • Available to students completing grades 9-12. No additional experience necessary.


Day 1-3

Prepare for the journey ahead

After arriving in San José and spending the first night in nearby Heredia, you’re off to the rainforest! Explore the local flora and fauna on a nature hike with the tropical sounds of the local wildlife as your soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the canopy, crossing hanging bridges and keeping an eye out for toucans, sloths, and primates. You’re in Costa Rica now! Work as a team to navigate white-water rapids, learn about the surrounding ecosystems and get excited for the conservation work that lies ahead.

Day 4-6

Caribbean beaches

A short drive south takes you to the calmer waters of Cahuita National Park. A few days of relaxing on the coast is a welcomed change of pace! Visit a local, community-oriented sea turtle conservation organization, learn about their efforts and conduct a sea turtle census. Check out Cahuita National Park, where you’ll hike some trails and see if you can spot some local wildlife. Finally, relax on the beach and enjoy some town time.

Day 7-11

Sea turtle hatchlings and jungle exploration

Prepare to be serenaded by the unique sounds of birds in the trees as you travel through the jungle and past remote villages as we head to the Caribbean Coast. Your new home is a rural research station, where you spend early mornings and late nights scouting out sea turtle tracks and marking new nests. Help promote sustainable coastal development in the area so sea turtles can continue to call these beaches home. Collect hatchling biometric data, excavate nests for clues on sea turtle health and compare nesting sites. The nearby jungle also provides additional opportunities to hike rustic trails, collecting data on primates, felines, and the rare Agami Heron nesting sites.

Day 11-12

Coastal conservation

Travel from coast to the highlands! Your destination? A remote, yet comfortable lodge in the rainforest. Learn how Costa Rica has worked to conserve natural habitats from coast to coast. Explore swinging bridges, waterfalls and tropical forest in this natural playground. Drink homemade sugarcane juice and present personal research to your fellow group members.

Day 13-14

Final adventures

Celebrate your new knowledge, skills and friendships as you travel back to the capital. How does life here compare to what you’ve seen before? Pick up some souvenirs before flying home with new skills and friends you’ve come to call family.