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Webinar on summer programs for middle school students

By: Broadreach HQ Middle School, Parents, Scuba, Sailing, Marine Biology, Vet Medicine

Learn about our adventures specially created for middle school students! Find out why middle school is a great time for your middle schooler to embark on a Broadreach adventure. Discover the support we provide to middle school students and their parents.

Broadreach adventures are specially designed to allow 12, 13 and 14-year-olds to take the next step after summer camp on an age-appropriate international trip. Since 1993, we’ve designed summer programs for middle school students that help younger teens develop curiosities and broaden their interests in a fun way.

No matter which adventure you choose, our unforgettable middle school programs feature small group sizes and are led by seasoned educators. Explore and build skills on middle school summer travel programs tailored to the unique learning style of younger teens. Spread your wings in controlled but hands-on environments while making new friends and countless memories!

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Still have questions about our middle school trips? Please reach out! We love speaking with students and their families about our adventures. Request more information, schedule a chat with one of our friendly program coordinators or give us a call at 919-256-8200.

Wondering what programs are available? You can explore our program options for middle school students.