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middle school students on broadreach trip

Introducing your middle schooler to the underwater world

By: Broadreach HQ Middle School, Parents, Scuba

Broadreachers have a passion for the ocean and everything in it. What we love more than anything is helping our students make their first steps to connect with the ocean and experience adventure – we believe we have the perfect program for that! Our Caribbean snorkeling and sailing adventure for middle schoolers is an awesome introduction to the world of international travel.

On this program, students climb aboard their home for 12 days, taking them to new islands, finding adventure along the way. Our catamarans are the perfect kind of boat to try out living on the tranquil Caribbean sea for the first time – the two hulls create a stable platform for living and exploring. Students pick up some sailing skills along the way, steering the boat into their anchorage for the night, working as a team to pull the mainsail up, and learn to read the clouds and wind to predict the weather.

Students also sail into secluded bays and jump into the ocean for snorkeling! Snorkel the colorful coral reefs bursting with life, from schools of reef fish to turtles, watching them munch on the seagrass below. Pop back up onto the boat to identify marine life seen underwater with the help of your instructors and crewmates.

Not all the fun is had in or on the water, though! On St. Barths, hike the cliff-top path (watching for tortoises and goats along the way) before arriving at Anse Flamands. Here, play games on the beach with your crewmates, take a dip in the ocean and walk along the shoreline searching for sea glass treasures! On St. Kitts, hike through the jungle to Brimstone Fortress, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Students also spend time with the dedicated watersports team to learn skills in wakeboarding, kneeboarding and/or water skiing. New friends and crewmates can also grab a couple of paddleboards and explore the tranquil bay that is home for the night. The evenings are the best time to get to know other students, solidifying friendships that will last a lifetime before falling asleep under the starlit night sky.

We love this program for middle schoolers! If 12 days packed with all these adventures sounds like a trip for your student, we want to hear from you! Schedule a call with a program coordinator or call us directly at 919-256-8200.

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