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Why you should start your Broadreach journey in the Caribbean

By: Fran Jackson, Broadreach HQ High School Adventures, Middle School, Parents, Scuba, Sailing, Marine Biology

Since the very beginning of Broadreach in 1993, the Caribbean has been the heart of our operation. From our first kayaking adventures, we have developed and perfected our sailing liveaboard programs, keeping adventure and exploration at the core. We believe our Caribbean adventures are the perfect beginning for your Broadreach journey!

Our Caribbean liveaboard voyages are the perfect stepping stone into the world of international travel while still staying relatively close to home. A majority of our programs begin and end in St. Martin – there are daily direct flights to and from most major U.S. airports to the main international airport on the island. When arriving in St. Martin, students are met at the airport and brought to our base on the island before boarding their floating home.


What programs do you have in the Caribbean?

With decades of experience in running our scuba and sailing programs, we’ve created and refined our itineraries to provide the best all-round adventure. A Broadreach boat is moving home for our students for the duration of their program, having everything they could need or want onboard. Many of our students have never set foot on a sailboat or taken a breath underwater – on our programs, we aim for every student to become a competent sailor and a confident qualified diver. Not all of our programs are entry-level, though! We run advanced scuba and sailing programs for those who are already certified and experienced, but want to further their skills. These programs can also be a natural progression for our students to continue on their Broadreach journey. We are also passionate about marine environments and love to pass on our knowledge, so we’ve added more and more marine biology programs in the Caribbean over the years. What better place is there to study the ocean than a floating classroom? If you have a love for the ocean or a thirst for adventure, then there is a place for you on a program in the Caribbean.


Who runs the programs?

Our adventures would not be successful without the leadership from our rockstar Broadreach instructors. They are a crucial part of every program! They are hand-picked not only for their qualifications and knowledge, but also for their enthusiasm for working with students to create long-lasting memories. At the beginning of every season, our instructors take part in an extensive training program. We also typically have 2-3 full-time staff based in St. Martin to support the programs, and a logistics team of around 10 people. The staff are on support boats that follow the program boats (at a distance, of course) during their voyage to make sure everything is running smoothly. These veteran staff members are able to lend their experience when needed, and serve as a direct contact for families.


Why should I join Broadreach in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is the heart of Broadreach, and every program is specially designed for students, based on age and program area, to have the best possible experience. These programs are built to grow independence, confidence and leadership in every single student. We understand an international program can be daunting, but this is where we excel – the Caribbean is our second home. Our HQ staff is here for you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect program to daily updates while the students are on program to the flight back home. Broadreach students come away from a program having made lifelong friends, unforgettable memories and new skills that can be applied to their daily lives.


If you think a Broadreach Caribbean program could be for you, please contact us so we can help you to find the perfect adventure!