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British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies

PWT11 Update — Friday, May 27, 2011

My Trip Updates

I’m going on a Broadreach adventure this summer! During the trip, we’ll post updates and photos here whenever possible. Prepare to get jealous!

Sometimes we’ll be too busy having fun to write an update, so we may not write one everyday, and we usually will only be able to post updates online every 3-4 days when we have internet access. Often when we post them, we’ll put up several updates all at once, and we’ll add photos when we can. It’ll be worth the wait!

Parents automatically receive an email notification any time a new update is posted… Other friends and family members who would like to receive emailed update notifications can send an email to Make sure to include your email address, the name of the participant and the participant’s trip code.

You can now post trip updates directly to your Facebook feed. You’ll need to know your trip code to do this. (For example the trip code for Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage 12 is MBV12.) You’ll find a list of trip codes on the Trip Schedules pages on our websites. Once you have your trip code handy, just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to
2. Click the box that says “click here to authorize RSS Graffitti”
3. A page pops up that says "Request for Permission". Click allow
4. On the "RSS Graffiti" page click the gray box that says "Add Feed"
5. Paste into the box labeled “Feed url”. (For example if you were on MBV12, you would paste into the box.)
6. Click "click here to fetch and preview it" to make sure that you have the correct site
7. Type “Broadreach Trip Updates” in the box that says “Source Name”
8. Click Save.

That’s it! Now a note will be posted to your Facebook feed each time a new update is posted to your program’s trip updates page.

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