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PS21 Update — Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nothin Gold can stay

The ugly end has reared its head and we Broadreachers say goodbye today. We ended strong though, Mom and Dad! We worked hard to create feeding obstacles for the monkeys which, based on the appetites of our students, might not be a bad idea to try out on the kids after they come home! We took everyday items such as pringles cans (we bought so many they were pretty much an every-day thing for us), ice trays, and bamboo (not-so-much everyday) to make apparatuses for feeding that made meals challenging and fun. These included nuts, veggies, bananas, and even mealworms. YUCK! VEGGIES! We would manipulate these items so that the monkeys would have to figure out ways to access the food we hid inside, and feeding them to the monkeys afterwards was great! Some of the monkeys became so excited by our creations that mealtime erupted in primate fisticuffs, which were quickly quelled by our courageous academic leader, Sam.

We observed the monkeys before and after mealtime - BIG DIFFERENCE. After the enriched food items were introduced to them, they raced around each cage, delighted by the challenges they now faced in order to get some grub. Our night was packed - it involved packing for the bus that would arrive late at night, adorning our wrists with patented Broadreach turk's head bracelets, and finishing up the cards we all wrote to each other, which would be read by all once we dispersed for good. It was very emotional, and the boys had to be reminded on several occasions that crying was not allowed. It ended up being a long, tiring night, but the second the bus came to pick us up, all were buzzing and ALIVE. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.

With that said, I would very much like to thank everyone who made this journey so wonderful and memorable. The students on our trip simply couldn't be beat - they were courteous, hard-working, flexible, and cooperative. Sam and I were delighted to have led each and every one of the Primate Studies constituents - thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Have a great summer and a wonderful life.

Edward W. Manofsky

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