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DS21 Update — Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holy Crab, Part 2

We were all awoken this wonderful morning by Nathalie, Victoria and their enthusiastic but groggy voices. Well, Caleb actually woke up campers at 6:36 Ante Meridium in order to take down our tents and pack up to get an early start on our long travel day with the Rasta Raggamuffin sailors back to Spanish Lookout Caye from Tobacco Caye. Humor was a good way to start the long day. Nat and Vic had apparently slept with many crabs last night and made an entertaining scene ridding the holy creatures in morning. Finally, at approximately 7:22 Ante Meridium, everyone had finished packing their tents. Sammie and Mia were the last ones to finish as they were enthralled in Cooper’s morning coconut cracking. Next, we had a wonderful breakfast and set off on our final and most epic sail expedition. Michael kept on playing his new favorite song, “Sail”, on the loud speakers, as we all agreed that it was relevant.

Our first stop was back to Rendezvous Caye, where we all tried desperately to get Alejandro to dance like a crab, but were sadly unsuccessful. Chelsea and Victoria were enthusiastic to snorkel around the island, and after they attempted to exfoliate in the sand, Galen was also spotted acting like a crocodile in the ocean. After lunch on the incredibly tiny island, we then set sail towards Spanish Lookout Caye, when Josephine spotted a rare and unique coral shark, made completely out of coral and no sharkness. Surprisingly, Michael then decided to play “Sail” on the speakers as Jerry and Shane hoisted the sails. On a note of rare significance, the group managed to catch a sampling of Jandro’s beautiful singing voice.

Upon arrival at Spanish Lookout, we were both melancholic after waving farewell to the Raggamuffin sailors and excited to finally sleep in REAL beds again. After settling in, Abbie held an informative exam review session where Sarah got spooked by yet another unexpected holy crab!

Despite the day’s meaningless theme of “holiness”, today’s events were rather varied. Caleb caught all of the forks in mid-air that had fallen out of the cup at breakfast. However, while fishing on the sailboat, Robbie managed to catch (then release) a fish so small that we were unable to even identify the species, after a few good hours of fishing. Not so holy.

-Caleb and Josephine

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