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DS21 Update — Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Ragga Prince!

The day began with yet another stellar wake up call by me, the energetic, born to be leader, Nathalie. At around 7 o’clock we had begun our sailing journey across the giant striking ocean to a little itty-bitty island that only has 7 trees, aka: Rendez-vous Caye. Lets just say today was filled with many surprises and I’m about to tell you how they went down.

First things first, we boarded our mini sail boat “Ragga Prince," and met our awesome staff Gaza and Jerry. As the boat was trucking along through high and flying waves, Galen, Alejandro, and Michael sat on the bow to chillax and share some good laughs. The others, Caleb, Chelsea, Sarah, Victoria, Sammie, Joe, Mia, and Cooper enjoyed some bumping music and jammed out hard core. Our first stop was to do a little snorkeling. Immediately after we got our gear on and hopped on in to the water Joe, Robbie, Jandro, and Michael got the insanely awesome privilege of seeing a mermaid! Just kidding, it was a manatee. A big fun loving curious one, too! It swam right up to their faces to check them out. Maybe he thought they were fellow manatees. Not sure, but that’s probably right. While they were checking out the manatee, Galen was checking out a beautiful queen trigor fish that swam right up to her mask to say hello and Mia was enjoying a nice nibble from a baby black fish that kept biting her finger. I was also greeted by a very beautiful rainbow fish that was about the size of a toothpick. Caleb, Sarah, Cooper, Sammie and I enjoyed also enjoyed a nice underwater game of Ninja.

Once we finished the snorkel, we headed over to Rendez-Vous Caye. The sail ride over was extremely relaxing. Chelsea, Sarah and I napped on the bow of the boat. Caleb, Sammie, and Cooper napped below the sail. And Mia, well Mia was taking a nap smushed between the edge of the boat and the sail. Michael was rocking out to some Led Zeppelin and Beatles while, Jandro and Joe were both reading their books.

As we arrived on the island we were all amazed by how tiny it was. It took us about 3 minutes to walk from one end to other and there were only 7 trees! After a little chill time we had to set up our tents before it got dark. But to our dismay, we realized that we forgot the stakes that hold the tents down. This is when we really got our teamwork going. Galen and Robbie started cutting up pieces of wood with conch shells to see if we could hold the tents down with those. Jandro and Michael were already off trying to tie their tent to one of the palm trees. Mia, Joe, and Abbie were tying their tent under a palapa. And everyone else started digging in the sand to find left over stakes that we could potentially use. We all looked like chickens running around with our heads cut off, it was hysterical. But in the end we decided to hang up a giant tarp, which we later named, The Blob, to sleep under. Sarah thought she could take it down by punching it but the wind was just too strong for her.

As the night went on we had an incredibly yummy meal which consisted of rice, shrimp, white fish, and vegetables. The meal was prepared by Gaza, Jerry and Robbie helped cut up the vegetables. We all nibbled away and stuffed our bellies. But there is always room for desert, especially when it’s roasting marshmallows!! We had a nice little bonfire right in the dead center of the island. It was so much fun to sit there and talk and laugh with good friends we have made, people we'd know for the rest of our lives.

Well, I’m getting a little sleepy now. But that was how the day went. Hope you enjoyed the follow up and thanks for checking in. TA-TA for now!!!!

Peace, Love, Chicken, Rice and Beans

Nathalie “you better Belize it” Simon

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