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Costa Rica & Panama Primate Studies

PS21 Update — Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eight Mile

Hello everyone. Today we went on a beautiful 8-mile hike. We started off our day with a wonderfully cooked breakfast. During the first 5 minutes of our adventure, we saw a really cool plant that only blooms for a day. Soon after, we discovered the camp site of the tv show Survivor that was filmed here in Panama. Then we walked through a village called Salt Creek. It was crazy, everyone walked around barefoot. My feet were hurting just watching them. We met up with our guide named Alfredo, and he told us a lot about the town. He showed us this wicked cool plant called a sleeping plant, and when you touch it, it shriveled up. He also helped us find thousands of red frogs. The red frogs are very poisonous, and they used them for killing animals to eat as well as in war. He then took us through his banana plantation and gave us some brilliant tasting bananas. Along our hike, we also saw a few monkeys and some red parrots.

At around noon, we arrived at the beach. The ocean felt so refreshing after the 4 hours we had just spent walking. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. We all had so much fun there, and took a lot of funny pictures of each other. After lunch we continued on our hike, it took a lot of teamwork for all the hills and mud, but I’m so proud of everyone because we all got through a tough hike together. Another great aspect to the day, was we all got nice tans! Finally after the long adventure we had, we settled down for dinner and a wonderful dessert, and we all crashed super early. Overall we had another fantastic day in Panama. Hope to talk to you all soon.


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