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DS21 Update — Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back with the Wind

Today was shocking, we saw the five legged man… just kidding. Caleb was playing a practical joke on me tonight at dinner, in actuality we saw seven dolphins today. The dolphins we saw were locals of the area named: Saw-Fin, Gregory, Sixty-Nine, Chance, Black-Fin, Tigger and one that is yet to be named. However I am getting ahead of myself. Like everyday this week we started with a magical breakfast, cooked by Wanda.

Quickly after breakfast ended, we raced off to meet at the front dock to embark on our third of four dolphin surveys with everyone’s favorite dolphin researcher, Eric. Unlike our other surveys we ran into dolphins within the first thirty minutes. Not just one dolphin or two or three but seven. In addition to the seven dolphins, Stephen and Diane also accompanied us today, two of the other visitors to Blackbird Caye. Since we had extra company we used two boats, in addition to Stephen and Diane in my boat, Chelsea was on picture duty, Victoria was the underwater recorder, Alejandro was a reliable time keeper informing everyone when it was time to collect data, Michael and myself sharing videotaping duty and Nathalie was our honorary data recorder of the day. In the other boat Caleb, Sarah, Mia, Josephine, and Galen measured environmental variables.

When we returned from our surveying we were all ravenous for lunch. Today was not like every other lunch, it was also Cooper’s birthday, and we celebrated with a lovely chocolate cake.

Shortly after lunch we all meandered over to the schoolroom to take our midterm that we had all been preparing for in the past few days. Luckily everyone finished in time, because we had to jet off to the back dock for a dive at the legendary China Man’s Wall.

After we returned from the dive, we were greeted by the island watch dog, Camilla and the long missed comfort of wind. We had downtime to work on our journals and presentations which the due date is quickly approaching. At around six o’clock Mia, Josephine, Nathalie, Victoria, Abbie, and Eric all suited up for some crocodile wrangling with Thomas. I think we all have mixed feelings about the fact that today marks the halfway mark of our trip. We have seen so many amazing things on this trip so far, I can barely wait to see what is in store for us next.


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