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Belize Dolphin Studies

DS21 Update — Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Colorful, Crazy and Coral Filled Adventure to Caye Caulker

We were all so excited to explore a new beautiful island.……The day began with bright and early wake up calls at 5:50 with me being the lucky one to knock on everyone's doors and see their bright, smiley and awake faces. Just kidding! Lets just say they were pretty unhappy to see my face this morning. After every one had woken up a little bit more and thankfully forgave me for the early morning wake up call, we headed down to the hotel common room for a fantastic breakfast, which consisted of eggs, beans, toast, and fresh fruit. Once everyone was sufficiently satisfied we grabbed our bags and headed out to a new island.

As we headed into Belize City on a water taxi everyone was happily taking photos on the top deck and enjoying the wonderful breeze and sunlight. Once in Belize City we took another water taxi to Caye Caulker, our soon to be final destination. On the hour boat ride there, Sarah, Sammie, Nathalie, and Alejandro played a very competitive and entertaining game of Celebrity Guess. Some celebrities that were mentioned were Amelia Earhart, Monet, Suri Cruz (yep, that’s Tom Cruise’s daughter), Tiger Woods and Khloe Kardashian. As we arrived on the island, everyone was stunned by the beauty of the palm trees, and the clarity of the deep blue water. We then dragged our heavy luggage through the sand and to our gorgeous, pink beach apartments.

Once everyone was settled in their rooms the ‘already certified’ kids, Caleb, Alejandro, Nathalie, Galen, and Sammie headed to the dock for their first dive of the trip. As we got to our dive spot we were so excited that we immediately jumped straight into the crystal clear water. While we were down there Caleb and Alejandro pointed out a sting ray right away. We explored the colorful reefs filled with angelfish, squirrel fish, goatfish, and many other marine organisms. The coolest creatures we saw were the lobster and the Moray Eel. This eel was quite the playful little chap. He tried to bite Robbie’s foot, came very close to Sammie’s face and scared Galen away pretty quickly. It was quite the experience. The reef was truly beautiful and lively place.

While the ‘already certified’ divers were in the water, the other group: Sarah, Josephine, Mia, Michael, Cooper and Chelsea went into town to explore and learn about the culture. They had a fantastic time. With all of the venders and little shop boutiques around Chelsea and Victoria both bought necklaces made out of conch shells and cute beaded bags. Josephine bought a necklace of an elephant too!

Then the groups flipped. The group that was in town went for a dive, and the group that went diving went into town. After a long dive, every ones appetite was working up. So we then headed to an authentic Belizean restaurant called Sally’s. Everyone devoured their food and we were off to explore. Once everyone was back from their trips we all headed into town for dinner. We went to a fantastic place right on the beach for barbeque. The music was bumping we were all dancing and signing along which was definitely a highlight. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, Victoria, Chelsea, Sarah, Michael, Caleb, Josephine, Mia and Galen played a wild game of Frisbee on the white sand by the beach. Mia and Josephine also spotted 2 huge crabs walking along the beach.

As dinner arrived everyone rushed over from the game of Frisbee to enjoy their red snapper, barbeque chicken, and pork ribs, which really hit the spot. After dinner we headed to this homemade ice cream parlor which was incredible. As we were there Nathalie stirred up some conversation with some local kids. Mia and Galen and Josephine hopped in the conversation as well. Then later every one joined. We talked about basketball players, ice cream, school and the island. They were all about 11 years old and extremely cute. As the night came to an end we all said our goodnights and headed to our rooms to finish up on our journals and get a good nights rest for tomorrows exciting day.


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