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Happy PADI Women's Dive Day!

A day celebrating women's contributions to the sport

Today marks PADI’s second annual Women’s Dive Day, a day set aside to celebrate womens’ contributions to the sport! We introduce hundreds of teenage girls to the world of scuba each year, and love igniting their passion for diving and the underwater realm.

The look on their faces after they emerge from the water after their first dive, the excited chatter about all the marine life spotted, the passionate discussions about ocean conservation and the need for awareness, and the discovery that they have the ability to affect change in the world around them – these are the things that make our job teaching them so fulfilling.

We wanted to learn more about why Broadreach's female students and instructors love diving and why it’s important to them, so below are some of their thoughts about what diving means to them. Happy Women’s Dive Day!


"There is no other feeling in the world then looking around and only seeing the wonders of the ocean. I dive because the ocean is more unexplored then space and more interesting than anything else. When I grow up I plan to spend my life diving to explore the unknowns of the ocean! Thank you Broadreach for helping me to further my passion of diving and my love for the ocean."
BECCA HORWITZ – 2015 Caribbean Underwater Discoveries & 2016 Bonaire Advanced Scuba

"I think diving is empowering for young women because it is an entirely new realm in which social pressures and appearance etc. don't matter. All that matters is your safety, awareness, and immense humility in acknowledging we are such a small piece of this wide and beautiful world, and that our stresses and day to day problems don't matter as much in the face of a sea turtle. I love diving because it reminds me of my place in the world, and I love teaching young women to dive and seeing them develop a new sense of self and gratitude for their world which diving opens."
HANNAH TANNENBAUM – PADI Dive Instructor & Broadreach Caribbean Course Director

"For me, diving means an opportunity to spend time in the life of our precious ocean. You get to see life, death and change, good or bad, and you realize how complex and fragile the ocean is and how much we need it. And because of diving I know the ocean needs us too. Being a diver means being a steward for the sea, and we have the power as those stewards to educate and promote positive actions and attitudes towards it."
JENIFER BURNEY – 2011 Fiji Shark Behavior & Conservation student

“Diving is important to me because the ocean has always felt like home. Every time that I'm underwater, I don't want to come back up. The beauty of our oceans is completely unparalleled to what you can find on the surface. I love diving because it gives me the opportunity to be where I love to be, while gracefully floating over some of nature’s most beautiful ecosystems.”
SIEARRA GODDARD – 2016 Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage student

“I love to dive because it's a whole other world. The ocean is beautiful and incredible and you don't truly understand its complexity until you submerge yourself and become a part of it.”
SARA CASARETO – 2015 Bahamas Marine Biology student

"I dive for many reasons, but mainly because I love to see amazing life that is not available to everybody on land. It gives me freedom and the ability to fly. Teaching young girls to dive is something i've always wanted to do, enabling them to also feel the same love for the ocean. Sending them out into the world as new ocean ambassadors, confident in their skills and habits gives me great joy and tranquility, knowing that they are now part of the divers protecting and caring for our marine environments."
MARA FEODOR – 2016 Bonaire Advanced Scuba Instructor

“My first diving experience, and the reason I got certified, was to go on the shark behavior and conservation trip in Fiji. I was a little nervous diving 100 feet down, and then I looked up and a huge bull swam right in front of my face. It was the only time in my life I've felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was one of the best feelings, and will remember it forever. It's the reason I still dive."
LORILYN ARNOLD – 2012 Fiji Shark Behavior & Conservation student

"From my first dive with Broadreach back in 2011 in the Caribbean I have been hooked like a fish on a line. I am now a proud Divemaster student with future IDC plans shortly following. I want to show other people a whole new world just awaiting feet below the surface of the ocean. When I'm under that water I feel at peace and overtaken by the beauty around."
LEAH MOORHOUSE – 2011 Caribbean Tropical Marine Biology, 2012 Costa Rica & Nicaragua Sea Turtle Ecology, 2013 British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology and 2014 Shark Behavior & Conservation student

"Diving is one of the most fortunate, and unique gifts given to man. Every time I slowly sink under the surface for another dive, I think about how special I am to be given the ability to immerse myself into this underwater world. Besides the fact of feeling just like any other fish in the sea, I dive because it provides me with a deeper understanding and respect of our planet. It's quite easy to merely look at the ocean, but to really witness the color and life of what lies just below the surface, is an experience that is simply captivating. It's an opportunity that I wish and hope everyone is given. Then, maybe, our planet would look and feel a little bit different."
ARISA YOON – 2014 Caribbean Marine Conservation student & 2015 Caribbean base staff

"Coming from a place where diving isn't talked about often or done very often, being able to dive for the first time with Broadreach was such an amazing and humbling experience. I was able to explore this desire within me to connect with the water and diving did just that! After having a glimpse of what I could potentially do for our oceans made me thirst for more diving experiences! Seeing the beautiful underwater world was a brazenly unique experience and I will forever cherish those moments I spent underwater, and looking forward to my next adventures!"
BRITTNANY GRAHAM – 2015 Caribbean Marine Biology 12-Day Adventure student

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