Middle School Adventures

Italy Travel Photography

Explore small villages, cliffs and coastlines, bustling cities and the hidden treasures of Italy to compose awe-inspiring images of your adventure.

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Days ROME-ing incredible Italian landscapes and cities.

  • Photograph the beautiful sights of Italy and learn new techniques to improve your photos.
  • Create visual stories as you explore ancient Roman ruins, the rural countryside, coastal cliffside villages and modern cities.
  • Practice street photography, learn how to be a better traveller and develop your own artistic style.
  • Experience classic Italian experiences like a cooking class and eating gelato.
  • Hike past the colorful villages of Cinque Terre and gather with your new friends to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean each night.
June 29 - July 12 $5,580 Available Enroll Now
July 14 - July 27 $5,580 Available Enroll Now
“Going on this trip will open you up to new cultures, ideas and activities that you would never do otherwise. I’m glad that I went on this trip because it helped me to learn to try new things while teaching me. This trip can allow you to meet new people that you would never meet otherwise and who you will become amazing friends with.” Winn, middle school alumnus

Program Overview


  • Learn about taking photographs in natural light, artificial light, low light and how to create different moods using light.
  • Practice different photographic techniques like light painting.
  • Experiment with composition and how subject placement affects an image.
  • Explore different styles of photography including night, landscape, portraiture, cityscapes and still life.
  • Produce a photo series that describes your adventure.
  • Produce a photo series using your camera phone that describes your adventure


  • Experience with iPhone 6 (or later) or equivalent Android. No DSLR camera required.
  • Available to students completing sixth, seventh or eighth grade.