Teen Summer Travel Programs

Broadreach offers epic summer programs for teens to explore the world.

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Broadreach is not your ordinary teen tour. It’s a hands-on learning and adventure out in the real world. For more than 30 years, Broadreach summer travel camps for middle school and high school students have expanded the horizons of more than 18,000 teens. On 30+ summer adventures in countries around the world, our students have pursued their interests, unlocking new curiosities, navigating new cultures and discovering themselves along the way.

Discover yourself, the world, and new passions

Earn numerous scuba diving and sailing certifications through skill-building education, as well as academic credits on a variety of programs. Areas of interest include marine science, scuba diving, sailing, wildlife biology and veterinary medicine. Engage with local communities as you travel countless miles across oceans, off beaten paths and into incredible cultures – all while having the best summer of your life.

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Explore the World

Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated small-group experiences abroad that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling. We create mind-blowing summer programs for teens to actively learn, explore and build skills through hands-on discovery and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.

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Broadreach Summer Adventures allow teens to explore the world around them while building skills and independence.