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It's not about where you travel on a teen summer camp, but how you travel.

Broadreach is not your ordinary teen tour. It’s a hands-on learning and skill building adventure out in the real world. For over 26 years, Broadreach summer travel camps for middle school, high school and college students have expanded the horizons of over 18,000 students. On 50+ summer adventures in 40+ countries, our students have pursued their interests, unlocking the world, understanding its people and discovering themselves along the way.

Earn college credits in subjects ranging from marine biology, animal science and medicine to Spanish and photography, and certifications through skill-building education. Take part in logging community service hours while making the world a better place, traveling countless miles across oceans, off beaten paths and into ancient cultures. All while having the best summer of your life.

Most Popular Teen Travel Summer Camps

MS Current Grades 6-8
HS Current Grades 9-12
C Currently in College

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I am that much more able to welcome new ideas, new people, new foods, new anything because I came on this trip.
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