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Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Work with horses, cows and native Costa Rican wildlife on a hands-on summer experience. Assist veterinarians in clinics and in the field. Join fellow animal lovers on an adventure of a lifetime.

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students feeding tropical birds on vet trip for teens
Student giving medicine to animal on vet camp in Costa Rica
River through jungle on Costa Rica vet summer trip

Days of veterinary clinics, animal rehabilitation and pura vida fun

  • Build confidence while working with animal care professionals at wildlife rescue centers, private farms and animal clinics.
  • Participate in equine and livestock medical procedures through experiences like drawing blood, giving injections, performing diagnostic tests and physical examinations.
  • Explore preventative medicine and animal behavior in various contexts.
  • Observe necropsies, assist with spay and neuter surgeries and work with professionals in the field to learn more about animal anatomy and care.
  • Create enrichment activities for the rehabilitative habitats of rescued wildlife.
  • Participate in classic Costa Rican adventures like whitewater rafting, ziplining through the jungle canopy and surfing rolling waves off the coast of a national park.
June 20 - July 11, 2021$7,180FullEnroll Now
July 15 - August 5, 2021$7,180FullEnroll Now
“This trip provides an environment where you can explore, adapt, learn and grow with every experience. You are exposed to different views, ethics and beliefs culturally and medically in the vet community. Instructors ensure you are prepared in the field and always feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. This trip is an experience you will never forget, giving you hands on experiences in a field you are passionate about. It is a dream come true.” Madison, high school alumna

This vet summer trip offers:


Credits Available


Service Hours

Three natural science college credits available through Lesley University. 

Course description: In this course, students will get hands-on experience through academic classes, labs and work alongside animal care professionals. Students will learn comparative anatomy, physiology, medicine, surgery, behavior, conservation and more.

Course objectives: 

  • Understand basic animal anatomy/physiology in a range of species.
  • Explore opportunities, importance and limitations of veterinary medicine when applied to civil service and nonprofit centers.
  • Perform physical examinations and basic phlebotomy/venipuncture on common species.
  • Assist with welfare husbandry needs, understanding veterinary standards required to maintain each species.
  • Explore potential veterinary and animal care career paths through hands-on experience in a veterinary clinic.

20 hours of service learning through projects with farms, rescue centers and clinics.


  • Introduction to Biology or equivalent experience.
  • Available to students completing grades 9-12.