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Iceland Photography + Sustainability

Road trip across the gorgeous, unparalleled land of Fire and Ice and use your camera to create compelling images of cityscapes, countrysides, glaciers and volcanoes. Witness how Icelandic communities harness the natural power of the island to run on almost 100% renewable energy.

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Picturesque days in the land of the midnight sun

  • Experience the beauty of Iceland on this journey around the entire island.
  • Explore the natural power of underground geothermal reserves, hydropower sources and the country’s other renewable energy sources.
  • Photograph your friends as you visit waterfalls, glaciers and cliffs teeming with puffins.
  • Build a portfolio of images with your fellow adventurers, learning Lightroom and Photoshop techniques across Iceland to bring your images to life.
  • Walk the urban streets of Reykjavik and enjoy laid-back Nordic culture.
  • Go snorkeling in a dry suit, hike past glaciers, discover gushing geysers and relax in hot springs.
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“These trips are amazing. They allow you to travel and experience a world beyond your own. Adventuring around the whole of Iceland was such an amazing experience. From glacier trekking to dry suit snorkeling, it’s never a dull moment. Even the car rides are full of good times and allow for reflection on your own life.” Charles, high school alumnus


Credits Available

Three photography credits available through Lesley University. 

Course description: This course explores advanced digital photography, including lessons in manipulation of camera mechanics and techniques as well as unique composition approaches. Students produce a portfolio that demonstrates creativity and an understanding of composition and photo editing.

Course objectives: 

  • Learn techniques for manipulating exposure, f-stop, depth of field, shutter speed and white balance.
  • Evaluate and critique photographs based on professional standards.
  • Produce high-quality photographs using digital imaging software.
  • Use Photoshop for digital manipulation.
  • Discuss ethics of digital editing and creative techniques.
  • Practice printing methods.


  • Intro to Photography or equivalent experience.
  • Available to students completing grades 9-12.