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Animal Science

Learn alongside working experts in wildlife refuges, field stations, animal hospitals or in the rainforest. Gain hands-on experience in veterinary medicine on our popular Costa Rica program, or perform research on the planet’s ultimate predators in South Africa.

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Caribbean Voyages

Dive vibrant coral gardens and mysterious wrecks. Live aboard a yacht and learn how to crew the vessel and scuba dive with friends you’ll keep for a lifetime. Jump in on our most popular, the Caribbean Underwater Discoveries Voyage.

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Explore your passions in the context of another language. Improve fluency while doing extraordinary things like learning physical therapy skills from professionals in Spain or honing your Spanish as you assist real patients in the rural medical clinics of Ecuador.

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Marine Biology

We have ten extraordinary marine biology programs, each one challenging, hands-on and rewarding in its own unique way. From the Bahamas to the Mediterranean, our marine biology adventures are about active, experiential learning alongside marine biologists.

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This is real-world training at its best. Our medicine programs combine experience in community health, emergency and wilderness medicine with a focus on first responder skills, in addition to global and public health research.

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Whether composing and editing digital photographs in Iceland or Italy, develop your artistry, gain valuable technical skills and discover endless inspiration to continue creating.

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Experience the thrill of tacking, gybing and hoisting a sail in some of the world’s most exotic locations. Explore tropical islands, perform meaningful service projects and earn a host of IYT sailing certifications that will prepare you for a lifetime on the waves.

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Our scuba programs are designed for experienced divers ready for a higher level of thrill and challenge. Led by expert instructors, you and a tight-knit group will rapidly advance your skills and earn multiple PADI certifications while diving in remote parts of the planet few people ever get to experience.

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From researching marine life in the Caribbean to gaining hands-on clinical experience on a veterinary program in Costa Rica or Bali, you earn college credit and an adventure-of-a-lifetime with our college study abroad courses.

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