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Ways to Journey

There’s a Broadreach journey for everyone. Find yours.

Broadreach offers over 70 individual programs that vary by interest, length, cost, destination and skill level. Wherever you begin, or wherever your path takes you next, there’s no limit to what you can learn or how much fun you can have.

Full Length Programs

Our traditional programs venture to over 40 countries with itineraries spanning three weeks or more. Each program is designed around a particular topic or interest category, such as marine science, language, medicine, Caribbean voyages and more. Programs have been carefully developed at three distinct levels so you can begin where you are most comfortable and advance your skills at a pace that feels right for you.

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12-Day Adventures

We created a shorter yet no less adventurous experience for those who just don’t have the time for a typical 21-28 day Broadreach program. These programs capture the essence of Broadreach in 12 action-packed days across a broad range of interests — including field biology, Spanish language and sailing. Most of these trips are a great starting point for beginners as well as experienced Broadreachers interested in exploring a new focus.

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Custom Trips

In addition to programs for schools, Broadreach designs custom global learning experiences for organized groups of teens and students from athletic teams, clubs, youth groups and more. We create real-world educational journeys on which groups of young people gain valuable new skills and global insights, cultivate leadership and teamwork and expand their world views while sharing an exciting and memorable adventure together.

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Program Levels (for Full Length & 12-Day Programs)

Regardless of what type of program you choose, all Broadreach trips are rated by level of difficulty and experience. Choose a starting point and a pace that feels comfortable to you.


These trips offer a broad mix of activities across a variety of educational focus areas and are a great jumping off point for your Broadreach journey. Whether it’s your first time abroad, your first time underwater or your first taste of a new passion, you’ll experience the best of Broadreach in a way that’s easy and fun.


These adventures build on what you’ve mastered on our Discovery level programs. Or if you’re new to Broadreach, but already have relevant experience, these programs will challenge you with more advanced activities, more remote locations and a greater emphasis on the program focus. Some trips may have prerequisites such as scuba certification or prior experience.


These unique adventures are specifically designed for our alumni and seasoned explorers. Activities, locations and academics are targeted to students with a higher level of experience that are ready for a more in-depth and advanced level. On several programs, students are given a high degree of ownership over their own program experience that allows them to shape the trip around individual goals.

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