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Fiji Shark Studies 

Work alongside conservationists and researchers, and dive with sharks in a controlled environment. Dispel negative myths surrounding sharks and discover how they’re vital to ocean ecosystems.  

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Observe bull, lemon, reef and tiger sharks–all on a single dive. At the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, examine the stereotypes that surround sharks and observe multiple species in a controlled setting. Learn all about shark biology and behavior. Contemplate their incredible survival over the past 400 million years and discuss their future. Even assist with research and conservation efforts. In Fiji, the study of sharks isn’t limited to the ocean. In a Fijian village, listen to locals tell stories of Dakuwaqa, the ancient Shark God.  

shark studies high school study abroad summer program in Fiji
“We were all so sad to leave, from our first shark and coral dives to whitewater rafting, we had the time of our lives!” — Stephanie Hopp, Los Angeles, CA


  • Study shark physiology, habitats, conservation and myths
  • Scuba dive with sharks while collecting data for your own research project
  • Learn about the cultural and historical connection between sharks and Fijian culture
  • Cultural immersion in a traditional Fijian village
  • Journey down the whitewater of the Luva River in inflatable kayaks

Experience Required

  • PADI Open Water or equivalent certification
  • Must be at least 15 years old

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Costs & Dates

Fiji Shark Studies
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Jun 17–Jul 10 24 9-12 $7280
Jul 8–Jul 31 24 9-12 $7280
Jul 15–Aug 7 24 9-12 $7280
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