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The reward is worth the work.

The success of our programs depends on the quality of our leaders. Are you a leader in your field who is passionate about what you do? Apply to become one of our top-notch instructors or full-time staff. We’re always looking for well-educated, energetic, outgoing, genuine, fun and well-traveled folks to help lead the way. Our available positions are listed below. Before completing the online application, please take a moment to understand our instructor expectations and our application and hiring process.

Available Positions

Position Summary
The Graphic Design Intern will report to and work closely with the Marketing + Communications Coordinator to manage design tasks that support all areas of our company. In this role, you will learn to meet daily, weekly and long-term deadlines in a friendly and fast-paced environment. Your skills will be used to create graphics and design layouts for digital and print needs, social media accounts, promo campaigns, sales collateral and additional assets that meet our brand standards while also adding creativity and individuality to each project. Broadreach offers a fun company culture that supports innovation and self-sufficiency. In addition to this being a paid position, you will leave your time at Broadreach with a portfolio of real-world experience.  
Essential Functions
Day-to-day functions may include but are not limited to:
  • Editing, sizing and optimizing photo assets.
  • Developing graphics and layouts for both digital and print.
  • Creating charts, infographics and other artwork using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Maintaining appropriate naming and archiving of graphics, images and designs.
  • Comfort with G Suite of programs, including Gmail, Drive, Docs and Slides.
Key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Self-starter who can take basic instructions and get the work done.
  • Great attitude and willingness to tackle different tasks on different days.
  • Must be organized and detail-oriented.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multitask.
  • Ability to receive constructive feedback.
  • Comfortable with close-knit, small-team dynamic.
  • Interest in education and travel.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Currently pursuing a degree in graphic design, preferably as a junior or senior. 
How to Apply
To apply, please complete the Broadreach online application ( and include a resume, brief cover letter and a link to your portfolio (or examples of your work).


Are passionate, dynamic, and fun
We look for instructors who believe in the Broadreach mission, have a contagious enthusiasm for life and the world around them and who are able to create fun, amazing moments regardless of the situation. A Broadreach instructor has limitless energy and is able to work long hours with a smile, while providing our students with the experience of a lifetime.

Are committed to the Broadreach student
A successful Broadreach instructor is able to connect individually with each student on a program while creating a rapport with the group as a whole. They are able to drive the core Broadreach guiding principles and make every trip unique and tailored to the specific group they are leading.

Are safety conscious and medically trained
Due to the inherent risks in any outdoor or physical activity, we seek instructors who are dedicated to upholding the highest level of safety on our programs. The safety of our students is paramount, and we highly encourage all of our instructors to obtain their Wilderness First Responder certification and require it for many of our positions.

Are experienced travelers and culturally aware
Broadreach seeks instructors who speak multiple languages and have in-depth knowledge of our regional destinations. Our instructors have extensive travel experience, whether they have traveled for work, research or personal enjoyment. However, our instructors do not just travel; they engage with local cultures and make meaningful connections with the people and places they go. They are naturally curious and have the ability to share a sense of discovery with their students.

Are flexible, responsible, and resourceful
We are looking for people who can adapt quickly to fast-paced environments and scenarios, who find solutions quickly, make the best decisions for their current circumstances and group and who can remain flexible when something is outside of their control. Our trips are carefully programmed, but there are some things that cannot be predicted or planned for and oftentimes, when framed properly, spontaneous moments can be the most memorable part of a trip.

Are super smart and professional
Measured achievement is a central part of every Broadreach program. With college credit, recognized certifications, real-world hands-on activities and community service, our instructors have mastered the ability to teach, lead and relate to students, while also maintaining control of every situation. As an instructor for Broadreach, you’ll become part of a close-knit community of college professors, teachers, PADI professional SCUBA instructors, licensed sailing captains, PhDs, graduate students and experiential education professionals.


Why work for Broadreach?

Our instructors explain why Broadreach is the best place they’ve ever worked.


Application & Hiring Process

Our multi-step application and hiring process is designed to help us identify the very best trip leaders and instructors for our programs. Our instructor return rate varies from 40% to 60% each year, which makes our positions highly competitive. The hiring season for our summer positions generally runs from December to May, and applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. It is recommended that you submit your application early to improve your chances of being selected, as we fill positions on a rolling basis. The chances of receiving a placement are greatly increased if you have open availability from late May to early August without additional obligations during that time period.

If you wish to apply for a Broadreach instructor position, please use the “Apply Now” button to submit your initial inquiry with your resume. If you meet the requirements for a position and we have an appropriate opening, we will send you a formal application for employment. We select the strongest candidates for a video interview with our hiring coordinator. These interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If the video interview goes well, we will likely ask you to chat with one of our program coordinators for about 20-30 minutes. We do our best to notify applicants of our decision within two to three weeks from the final interview. We may not be able to guarantee program assignments for instructors until April as we work to create the best instructor teams possible.

Training & Program Assignments
All instructors are required to attend our staff training that takes place every year in late May to early June near the Broadreach HQ in North Carolina. Training covers topics such as group dynamics and facilitation, risk management, leadership training, academics, community development and what it means to be a Broadreach instructor. It is also an opportunity for everyone to acquaint themselves with their co-leaders, Broadreach veteran instructors, and meet our entire HQ team. Instructors who receive a Caribbean placement will likely start training the first week of June at our base in St. Martin. From training in North Carolina, instructors either go directly to a program (depending on the program start date), will have the opportunity to travel personally in the program location or return home for a short time before program. Employment contracts vary from 3 to 12 weeks in duration depending upon the location and program. Our staff may lead one, two, or possibly three sessions of a program over the course of the summer. We make every effort to provide you with the length of employment you desire; however, Broadreach instructors have to remain flexible with trip assignments and dates due to various program offerings and position requirements. Applicants will have an opportunity to request specific programs during the interview process and we do our best to place instructors on the trips they are most excited to lead. Please understand that as we organize our instructor teams, we take all factors into consideration including previous experience, language proficiency, medical training and availability. Beyond training and leading trips, some instructors may have the opportunity to scout or debrief a program. For scouting, instructors head to their program location 1-4 days in advance of the program start date to confirm reservations, set up cell phones and other technology and meet local outfitters, among other pre-trip preparation duties. Instructors who debrief return to the Raleigh office post-program to return program materials, gear and paperwork. Debrief normally lasts between two to four days. Instructors who work in the Caribbean will debrief at our Caribbean base in St. Martin.

Compensation, Expenses & Benefits
Compensation is calculated based upon the position, previous experience, education level, length of contract, specific responsibilities and additional certifications. Our compensation is competitive within the outdoor and experiential education industry. In addition to a stipend, compensation includes room and board along with round trip transportation to Raleigh, NC for training (from within the United States; a travel stipend is provided to international instructors). Round trip travel to your program locations is included as well (from within the U.S.) and possibly back to Raleigh, NC for debrief, if applicable. Instructors who work in the Caribbean will receive a stipend towards their flight costs to St. Martin. All meals and accommodations are covered by Broadreach throughout training and program. Instructors who scout or debrief will also receive accommodation and meal stipends. Beyond having the opportunity to mentor students and lead highly organized programs in amazing places, Broadreach instructors receive access to leading outdoor industry discounts through our network of pro deals. Our instructors view our comprehensive training program as a fantastic professional development opportunity for both new and veteran professionals of the experiential and outdoor education field. Additionally, Broadreach offers a discounted Wilderness First Responder course for our staff and we purchase a comprehensive international travel insurance policy for your time on program.

Staff Expectations
Instructors must expect long hours with limited time off and should be comfortable sharing rooms with other staff. It is important for us to point out that a workday for a Broadreach instructor is rarely typical. While leading trips in the field, instructors are often up early in the morning before their students and are often still working until late at night. A Broadreach instructor is always on call while in the field with students.

Beyond the Summer
Instructors who do an excellent job during the summer will be the first to be considered for winter and spring programs and other opportunities at Broadreach.


Outside Magazine named us one of the top 100 Best Places to Work for a reason!

The training was very organized and very well thought through. There were many relevant, real world issues that were discussed. I served as an RA many years ago and the training I received here would have been really beneficial! You guys really did a great job. It was a good mixture of evidence-based research and real world applications.
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