Summer Employment Opportunities

We expect a lot from our instructors! Our summer instructors are…


Passionate, dynamic and fun

We look for instructors who believe in the Broadreach mission, have a contagious enthusiasm for life and the world around them, and who are able to create fun, amazing moments regardless of the situation. A Broadreach instructor has limitless energy and is able to work long hours with a smile, while providing our students with the experience of a lifetime.

Committed to the Broadreach student

A successful Broadreach instructor is able to connect individually with every student on a program while creating rapport with the group as a whole. They are able to drive Broadreach’s mission and make every trip unique and tailored to the group they are leading.

Medically trained and conscious of safety

We seek instructors who are dedicated to upholding the highest level of safety on our programs. The safety of our students is paramount, and we highly encourage all of our instructors to obtain their Wilderness First Responder certification and require it for many of our positions.

Experienced travelers and culturally aware

Broadreach seeks instructors who speak multiple languages and have in-depth knowledge of our regional destinations. Our instructors have extensive travel experience, whether they have traveled for work, research or personal enjoyment. Our instructors know how to engage with local cultures and make meaningful connections with the people and places they go. They are naturally curious and have the ability to share a sense of discovery with their students.

Flexible, responsible and resourceful

We hire leaders who can adapt quickly to fast-paced environments and scenarios, find solutions quickly, make the best decisions for their group’s current circumstances and can remain flexible when something is outside of their control. Our trips are carefully programmed, but there are some things that cannot be predicted or planned for – and oftent imes, when framed properly, spontaneous moments can be the most memorable part of a trip.

Professional and thoughtful

Measured achievement is a central part of every Broadreach program. With college credit, recognized certifications, hands-on activities and community service offered, our instructors master the ability to teach, lead and relate to students, while also maintaining control of every situation. Broadreach instructors become part of a close-knit community of college professors, teachers, PADI professional scuba instructors, licensed sailing captains, PhDs, graduate students and experiential education professionals.

Available Positions

We are currently working on our list of summer instructor positions for 2021. Please check back in the fall for all our available positions!