Summer Staff Application

Broadreach hires educators, scuba instructors, marine biologists, sailing captains, veterinarians and more for each summer season. Complete our summer employment application.

Application and Hiring Process

Our application and hiring process is designed to help identify the best trip leaders and instructors for our international programs.

  • The hiring season for our summer positions generally runs from November to April and applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
    Because we fill positions on a rolling basis, we recommend that interested instructors apply as early as possible.
  • The chances of receiving a placement are greatly increased if you have open availability from late May to early August without additional obligations and are willing to lead multiple sessions.
  • We select the strongest candidates for video interviews with our hiring coordinator – interviews typically last about an hour. After this step, candidates would talk to one of our program coordinators to get more program-specific information.
  • We do our best to notify applicants of our decision within two weeks of the final interview, though we may not be able to guarantee program assignments until as late as April as we work to create the best instructor teams possible.

Training and Program Assignments

We do our best to place instructors on the trips they are most excited to lead. Please understand that as we organize our instructor teams, we take all factors into consideration including previous experience, language proficiency, medical training and availability.

Caribbean Programs:

  • For our boat-based Caribbean programs, instructors will attend staff training in St. Martin and stay on a sailboat (similar to the ones used on our programs) during that time.
  • Training usually occurs during the first week of June.
  • Employment contracts usually vary from nine to 13 weeks, depending upon program logistics.
  • Depending on the program instructors will lead between one and four sessions of a program over the course of the summer. Trip assignment is finalized after staff training.

World Programs:

  • World instructors are required to attend our staff training, in Raleigh, North Carolina, which usually takes place in early June.
  • Training covers topics such as group dynamics and facilitation, risk management, leadership training, academics, community development and what it means to be a Broadreach instructor. It is also an opportunity for everyone to acquaint themselves with their co-leaders, Broadreach veteran instructors and our entire HQ team.
  • From training in North Carolina, instructors either go directly to the program (depending on the program start date), have the opportunity to travel personally to the program location or return home for a short time before the program.
  • Contracts vary from three to seven weeks, depending upon program locations and logistics. Instructors may lead one to three sessions of a program over the course of the summer.

Compensation, Expenses and Benefits

  • Compensation is calculated based on the position, previous experience and qualifications, length of contract, extent of responsibilities and additional certifications. Our compensation is competitive within the outdoor and experiential education industry.
  • All meals and accommodations are covered by Broadreach throughout training and during programs.
  • Caribbean Programs: Instructors receive a stipend toward their flight costs to St. Martin.
  • World Programs: Broadreach covers the cost of travel to training in Raleigh, N.C. from within the United States. (A travel stipend is provided to instructors coming from outside the U.S.). Travel from from staff training to your program location and return travel to your home airport is included as well.

Instructor Expectations

  • Instructors must expect long hours with limited time off and should be comfortable sharing rooms with other staff during training and while on program.
  • While leading trips in the field, instructors are often up early in the morning before their students and are often still working until late at night. Broadreach instructors are always on call while in the field with students.
  • COVID-19: Please note that some program locations or partners may require instructors to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Beyond the Summer

Instructors who do an excellent job in the field during the summer will be the first to be considered for winter and spring programs and other opportunities at Broadreach. If we have job openings for our HQ office, these opportunities will be posted on our website.

Summer Employment Application