Broadreach programs and COVID-19

Note: Our COVID protocols are the result of following health expert guidance, country requirements and our years of risk management experience. Should changes in local circumstances and regulations necessitate altering our COVID-19 policies and plans, we will update enrolled families who might be impacted in addition to making updates on this FAQs page. 

Summer Programs: COVID-19 FAQs

Broadreach strongly recommends (but does not require) COVID vaccination for 2023 programs in general. However, we reserve the right to require COVID vaccines (as with other vaccines) based on the requirements of a specific country, partner or facility. We will update parents if COVID requirements for their program change; tuition remains non-refundable regardless.

We request that all students take part in a 7-day, pre-trip precautionary period before joining our program. During these 7 days, students should follow the health requirements and guidelines set by their local, state, federal, or any other health authority or governmental organization. We recognize that procedures may differ from student to student, but we ask all students to err on the side of caution during this period for the safety of their entire program. For all programs and destinations, Broadreach plans to require a negative COVID-19 test taken before departure.

Broadreach will update our COVID guidelines by late March/early April 2023 for our summer 2023 programs.

For summer 2022 trips, Broadreach required a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure. Before travel day, we will provide students and parents with information on any actionable protocols or procedures required by their destination country. Specific requirements vary from country to country, but could include any number of the following:


+ Proof of COVID-19 vaccination status.

+ Pre-submission of health data forms to the Department of Health.

+ Arrival health check.

+ Presentation of proof of negative COVID-19 test, taken within the timeframe determined by the country.

+ Laboratory name and contact details.

+ Student’s legal name.

+ Type of test taken.

+ Date and time of the sample.

We require students to take maximum personal health precautions while traveling to their program, including wearing a face mask during all points of travel, avoiding touching of the face, wearing gloves and washing hands with soap frequently. Upon arrival at the program start location, our students will undergo an onboarding process, which includes a general health check-in. Students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or having an elevated temperature will not be allowed to join the program until symptoms subside or another negative COVID-19 test is received.

Broadreach may adjust itineraries before the program or during the program depending on current local conditions or protocols. We will physically distance to the greatest extent possible when in public and when around others who are not part of the group. We will perform daily health checks, adhere to regular handwashing and personal hygiene.

If a student presents symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while on the program, their Broadreach leader will help isolate them from the group and a COVID-19 test will be scheduled as soon as possible. A Broadreach leader will remain nearby and check in regularly, ensuring the student rests, has access to meals and stays hydrated while awaiting the test results. Symptoms will be monitored throughout the day, and the student will remain in isolation until a negative test result is returned or until advised they can leave isolation by local health authorities.

If a student were to test positive for COVID-19, parents of all participants would be immediately notified. The student will be isolated and testing may be arranged for the entire group, as needed. The specific response will depend on the situation, with consideration to be given to the destination, timing of the incident, and local and national health protocols. It is likely that a parent would be asked to accompany the student during their quarantine/recovery, but a Broadreach leader or representative will be present until the arrival of a parent. The cost of healthcare, accommodation, meals, travel and any other costs associated with the period of quarantine are to be covered by the family.

The Broadreach HQ staff is on call 24/7 while programs are in the field and we are adding extra staff to all programs to provide additional onsite support.

Broadreach will do our best to alter itineraries or find an alternative program for students. However, we highly recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation insurance. We offer a policy (including a ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ benefit) upon enrollment in a program. Per the Broadreach Terms of Agreement, we are unable to provide refunds but will work directly with the affected family to ensure the best possible outcome.

Yes! All student groups will act as a “pod.” We plan to keep our students’ and instructors’ interactions with local communities to a minimum and remain near medical care throughout the program. Most of our adventures are aboard sailing vessels or are in naturally isolated locations – due to these unique environments, a pod-based approach fits naturally with a Broadreach experience. Besides certain shore-side or community-based activities, we plan to run our itineraries, academics and training as close to the original as possible.

Students and staff may be required to wear face masks in certain situations, such as in crowded places or anytime required by local guidelines, destination partners or Broadreach. We will limit activities that put groups in places that are higher risk – examples of this include crowded, high-traffic areas such as museums, restaurants, covered markets, etc.

We will follow CDC requirements for testing and quarantine upon returning to the United States. Right now, anyone arriving in the U.S. from a foreign country must get tested 1 day before their flight departs and present the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. If the United States requires this at the time students return from their programs, Broadreach will facilitate and cover the cost of any COVID-19 tests. We will encourage all students to self-monitor for symptoms and/or quarantine upon arrival home.

We will continue updating guidelines for all these topics. In the meantime, we will collaborate with our peers to understand industry best practices, absorb guidance from our partners at the CDC and continually communicate with our in-country partners. If you have any questions about our current thoughts on COVID-19, please call our office at 919-256-8200.

If your student is headed to a location that does NOT require testing, Broadreach still requires a negative test result prior to arrival on program. An at-home, rapid (antigen) test taken before departure is sufficient. You do not need to upload the test results to your portal, but do need to inform us if your student tests positive.

If your student tests positive, please alert us immediately. Following CDC recommendations, your student will need a letter of recovery from their physician, at least 10 days following the onset of their symptoms OR the positive test result (whichever came first) in order to join us on program. If you are planning to file a claim with your trip insurance, check the policy, as you may need a positive test administered by a lab or testing site (versus an at-home test).