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Amazon + Galápagos Eco Adventure

For the risk taker looking to explore unique corners of the earth, this program offers opportunities to engage in field biology techniques while traveling to uncommon destinations. Hike deep into the jungle to remote field stations, explore the Amazon River basin and ultimately end up observing the endemic creatures of the Galápagos Islands.

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Seal seen on summer program in the Galapagos
Student studying in the Amazon on adventure summer program
Teens hiking through forest on high school eco-adventure

Day 1-7

Andean adventures

Our journey begins in the bustling city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where you spend the night in a little hotel and then head to Papallacta. Here, you’ll soak in the local hot springs as you learn about the adventures to come and begin to get to know your group. After spending some time acclimatizing and preparing for your upcoming journey, you’ll head to a biological reserve that Broadreach helped build, located just a few hours from Quito. It’s a challenging yet rewarding hike to this beautiful site located in the cloud forest. It’s overflowing with wildlife, including Andean spectacled bears, jaguars and more than 300 bird species. While there, enjoy the outdoors, help maintain the trails and conduct biological surveys to help support its environmental protection status.


Day 8-11

Welcome to the jungle

It’s an adventure in itself just getting to your next stop, a research station deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle where few people have ventured before. Experience the excitement of scenic, open-air bus rides and a river boat journey before arriving at your destination. As you glide down the river, witness nature untouched by man and more species of birds, monkeys and butterflies than you’re able to count. You might even spot a pink river dolphin! Once you settle in, you can explore the labyrinth of research facilities and jungle cabins at the station. See a whole new perspective of the Amazon as you ascend into the trees and wander through the canopy’s walkway system, interacting with animals that can’t be seen from the jungle’s floor.


Day 12-13

Cultural explorations

Return to Quito to spend a few days enjoying the incredible culture of Ecuador and its people. Explore open air-markets and soak in the view from the top of the Basílica del Voto Nacional. Walk the picturesque cobbled streets of the Old Historic District of Quito, taking time to stop at local shops, haggle for souvenirs and sample the local delicacies.


Day 14-20

The birthplace of biodiversity

With fond memories of the jungle, you’ll bid Quito goodbye and head to the most incredible archipelago on Earth – the Galápagos Islands. This cluster of volcanic islands is nestled just below the equator, is over 5 million years old and is best known for its vast number of endemic species. The protected islands are home to countless species: lumbering giant tortoises, brightly colored iguanas, foot-high penguins, albatrosses, blue-footed booties, sea lions and more! Grab your camera and notebooks as the group heads out to snorkel among pods of sea lions, schooling fish, seahorses and frogfish. There is no better place on the planet to sit with your friends and observe the world’s extraordinary flora and fauna. Spend your last night under the stars gathered around good food, celebrating all the amazing things you have experienced and learned.

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