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Broadreach Partnerships

A world leader in international education

Over 20 years ago, Broadreach began with the mission to change lives through education and transformative global experiences. Since then we have taken thousands of middle school, high school and college students on international education programs to more than 40 countries.

Our professionalism is evident in our team of passionate educators and experienced global explorers who have chosen to dedicate themselves to making international learning more accessible and impactful.

Our reputation and success are exemplified by the thousands of students who have traveled with us and learned more about the world and themselves through the active, hands-on exploration of global communities and fascinating topics in science, field research, medicine, language immersion, ecology, photography, international development and more.


Broadreach has refined a unique model for education delivered in diverse global settings. Our focus is bringing learning outside the classroom with active, growth-filled experiences centered around learning-by-doing and engaging thoughtfully with new cultures and communities.


We hire exceptional individuals with advanced degrees and in-country experience who provide expert leadership in all areas of international education including logistics, curriculum development, group and cultural facilitation as well as emergency and risk management.


We make safety a priority with well-planned courses, well-trained support from experienced Broadreach staff and detailed risk management procedures. Our goal is to allow participants to experience success through accomplishment, not through high-risk adventure.


Broadreach’s extensive global network of educators, researchers, professional and cultural experts, community leaders, facilities and equipment enables us to be much more efficient and ensure every aspect of the experience meets or exceeds your expectations.


Our experience, global reach and diversity of course offerings allow us to deliver very high quality programs at a variety of customized itinerary lengths and costs. We work with you to optimize the program experience for your budget at whatever time of year works best for your group.


Depending on your needs, we can dedicate resources to help with promoting your program, answering incoming questions, managing payments, overseeing enrollment, researching course material and preparing your group to travel. A trained Broadreach instructor will also accompany your group 24/7 during your trip.


Our customized course preparation website facilitates many time-consuming processes and makes it easy to organize deadlines, finances, travel details, packing lists, curriculum guides, passport data and other key communications for parents, students, administrators and faculty.

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