Design a Custom Program

We continuously seek out fascinating locations for achieving meaningful interactions and real-world learning. The possibilities are endless – we are always developing new Broadreach programs in places around the world and will gladly consider expanding our reach or revisiting destinations from past programs. In our more than 25 years of program development, we’ve created connections in more than 50 destinations and have the experience to develop programs in new locations. Past program locations include: Costa Rica, Iceland, Fiji, Guadeloupe, Ecuador, Panama, Spain, Morocco and more.

Regardless of the global destination, courses are tailored to meet specific learning goals, and we will work collaboratively to design an itinerary that is catered to your group’s needs. We leverage relationships with professional experts to build integrated curricula that blend traditional classroom lessons with authentic cultural immersion, service projects and hands-on learning experiences in local communities, schools, non-profit organizations, research stations, wildlife reserves and more. Our collaborative, personalized approach builds lasting relationships and drives program success.

Typically, custom programs average 8-16 days with costs ranging from $2,000 – $4,000 USD per student. Based on our experience, the ideal group size is 10-14 students, but we have also developed successful programs for groups of 60+ students.

Examples of possible course topics:

icon-Marine and animal science Marine and animal science
icon-Conservation and ecology Conservation and ecology
icon-Medicine and public health Medicine and public health
icon-Language studies Language studies
icon-Art and photography Art and photography
icon-Environmental science Environmental science
icon-International development International development
icon-Writing and journalism Writing and journalism
icon-Food studies and sustainability Food studies and sustainability
icon-Recreation and tourism management Recreation and tourism management
icon-Business and economics Business and economics
icon-Engineering and math Engineering and math
icon-Energy and technology Energy and technology
icon-Cultural studies Cultural studies
icon-Teaching and education Teaching and education


If you already have a global education strategy and international programs, that’s great! We’d love to work with you to implement concrete improvements to existing program design, enrollment processes, risk management, logistical and travel planning, and professional training and development for faculty and administrators.