Marine Biology Summer Programs for Teens

Broadreach offers mind-blowing summer programs for marine biology.


If you haven’t lived on a boat with a group of friends and a marine biologist, then you’re at the wrong marine biology summer program.

Broadreach marine biology programs are a full-on, immersive adventure, under the guidance of marine biologists, diving masters and conservationists. Middle school and high school students will study marine science in a unique, hands-on environment, living on a boat or living and working at top-notch research centers. Students engage with professionals in the field, researching and helping implement vital conservation initiatives – regularly coming face-to-face with the coral and wildlife they’re studying.  The friendly small-group atmosphere offers skill-building opportunities in leadership and teamwork.

Whether it’s out in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, performing community service by helping baby sea turtles in the Mediterranean or diving among rare corals, Broadreach marine biology summer camps provide hard-to-match experiences for motivated students.


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Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated small-group experiences abroad that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling. We create mind-blowing summer programs for teens to actively learn, explore and build skills through hands-on discovery and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.