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Creative inspiration awaits you at every turn in some of the most photogenic locations around the globe

Taking the stunning pictures you see in National Geographic could be in your near future. Start your journey in photography, videography and multimedia by exploring spectacular destinations while developing your skills in a way that’s challenging, interactive and fun.

In Panama, chronicle monkeys in the rainforest, fascinating faces in Panama City and the indigenous Gnobe tribe’s culture as you build a body of work sure to make even the most seasoned travel photographers jealous. In Iceland, build on the photography knowledge you already have in a gorgeous and unparalleled landscape as you chase the light across countrysides, cityscapes, waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes before heading indoors to study Photoshop and Lightroom. Scandinavia is where you perfect the art of filming while learning to plan and compose your shots, fly a drone and share your visions confidently with the world.

While programs like these certainly offer experiences that look good on your college applications or internship resumes, they more importantly inspire a lifelong passion to continue creating.

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I learned so much about my camera and the art of photography. All the places we went were totally different and completely awesome.
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