Teen Medical Summer Programs

Broadreach offers mind-blowing medical summer programs for high school students.


Broadreach offers unparalleled, hands-on medical programs for teens to get you started on your journey into the medical professional. High schoolers gain valuable skills that will help them in future academic and career endeavors (not to mention community service hours and even college credits!). When they aren’t working through Wilderness First Responder scenarios and coursework, students have plenty of time for exploration, unforgettable adventure and making new friends for life!

Follow your love for outdoor adventure to the jungles of the Dominican Republic where you’ll practice marine-focused emergency medicine and become a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR).


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Explore the World

Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated small-group experiences abroad that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling. We create mind-blowing summer programs for teens to actively learn, explore and build skills through hands-on discovery and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.