Marine Biology Summer Camps for Teens

Broadreach offers mind-blowing summer camps for marine biology.


If you haven’t come face-to-face with the amazing marine life from your textbook, then you’re at the wrong marine biology summer camp.

Broadreach marine biology programs are a full-on, hands-on learning adventure, under the guidance of incredible oceanographers, marine scientists and conservationists. Middle school and high school students get to study marine science in a way that few can, hopping from one island to the next living aboard a boat, or living and working at renowned research centers. Students will conduct hands-on research with professionals, help implement conservation initiatives in marine sciences, come face-to-face with the wildlife and coral they’re studying and more – all while living and working with a group of new amazing friends (sometimes on a boat!).

Whether it’s out in the seagrass beds of the Bahamas, performing community service by helping baby sea turtles in the Mediterranean or diving with sharks in Fiji, it’s hard to match the immersive experiences offered on Broadreach marine biology summer camps.