Marine Biology Summer Camps for Teens

If you haven’t helped baby sea turtles make their way to the sea on a moonlit beach at 2:00 am, then you’re at the wrong marine biology summer camp.

Broadreach marine biology programs are a full-on, hands-on learning adventure, under the guidance of some of the world’s top oceanographers, marine scientists and conservationists. Middle school and high school students get to study marine science in a way that few can, hopping from one island to the next on a live-aboard yacht, or living and working at renowned research centers.

Whether it’s out in the seagrass beds of the Bahamas, performing community service by helping baby sea turtles in the Mediterranean or diving with sharks in Fiji, no marine bio summer camp goes farther or deeper than we do.

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Explore the World Underwater

Broadreach students explore the world in small groups of like-minded peers and are challenged and supported by highly qualified instructors to discover and build on their own abilities through hands-on and intentionally designed adventures. The countries and communities we visit provide perfect landscapes for intellectual discovery, skill mastery, rich cultural experience and incomparable adventure.

Available Programs