Middle School Adventures

Bahamas Reef Explorer

Experience the beauty of the Bahamas with a fun group of friends. Learn about marine biology surrounded by super colorful fish and coral reefs.

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Days spent exploring and splashing in the ocean

  • Explore freshwater blue holes, tide pools and mangrove channels swimming with marine life.
  • Snorkel the thriving reefs of San Salvador, learning about fish, coral and the entire marine ecosystem – and witness natural bioluminescence on a nighttime snorkel.
  • Experience life at a research station and learn about marine biology through hands-on activities.
  • Learn to identify many species of fish that live in the Bahamas.
  • Investigate archaeological sites and climb to the top of Dixon’s lighthouse for a magnificent island view.
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July 10 - July 19 $3,780 Call for options Enroll Now
“What a wonderful, eventful trip full of adventures, academics and new lifelong friends. The incredible setting of San Salvador set a perfect scene for us to embark on a new chapter of our lives – lives filled with travel, learning, cultural experiences and, of course, science! Every minute has prepared us for all of our future endeavors.” Hannah, middle school alumna

Program Overview


  • Learn about fish, coral and marine ecosystems.
  • Develop an appreciation for the importance of life in the oceans.
  • Understand how individuals, populations and communities interact with one another and their physical environments.

5 hours of service learning through projects that may include a beach cleanup and underwater debris collection.


  • Available to students completing sixth, seventh or eighth grade. No additional experience necessary.