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Guiding Principles

Fun and adventure are the easy parts.

Will you have fun? Absolutely! Perhaps the most fun you’ve ever had. But Broadreach is about more than just fun and adventure. Every program is built around a core set of principles that reflect our passion for helping students find their place in the world.

Real-World Learning
At Broadreach, our educational approach is one where we fully immerse you in the experience — going way beyond the textbook or the Internet. Our students take a unique and hands-on role, working alongside professional educators and researchers out in the field. Witness your individual passions come to life outside the classroom.
Measured Achievement
Central to each course is your achievement. Continuous hands-on experience with our professional instructors helps you accumulate college credit, recognized certifications and community service hours while exploring the world. Arrive home with a whole new set of skills and credentials that mark your successes.
Global Citizenship
Engage with the communities we visit. Take part in meaningful service projects at the local level such as reforestation and conservation, community building and more. The kind of global citizenship we encourage is about being aware of real-world challenges, then taking initiative to make a difference and bring about positive change.
Be part of a cohesive team, where everyone is challenged to rise above themselves and work together for the greater good of the group. From charting a course on a sailing odyssey to collaborating on field research projects to just having each other’s backs, working as a team allows you to accomplish more than you ever could on your own.
Environmental Stewardship
As you explore the vastness and beauty of our planet, you have the opportunity to witness the global issues and developmental pressures we face firsthand. From the front lines of the climate debate to rapidly changing ecosystems above and below water, your Broadreach experience is likely to inspire a lifelong responsibility to protect and preserve.
Take charge of your adventure. We equip you with the skills, experience and readiness you need to set goals, bring people together and make decisions with greater confidence. Inspire others to action. Guide discussions and debate. Execute a plan. Be empowered to chart your own course in the world.
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