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Founder’s Message

Your journey begins here.

Carlton and FamilyFor over twenty years, Broadreach has taken students on life-changing learning adventures all over the world. In those years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a journey and what makes it different from just an ordinary trip or vacation.

In my mind, the most important distinction is that you come away with much more than just photos, souvenirs and amazing memories. You face real and exciting challenges and learn things that shape who you’ll become and where you’ll go in the years to come.

I’ve always envisioned Broadreach as something much larger than a single program or summer adventure. To me, it’s a journey that will introduce you to the endless opportunities that exist in the world, encourage your passions and goals to come forward, create lifelong bonds of friendship and develop skills and knowledge that become stepping stones towards your future accomplishments.

When you look through this brochure and read about the different programs we offer, try to picture your journey. What does it look like? Where will it lead you? Do you have dreams of becoming a marine biologist, veterinarian or doctor? Would you like to see how far you can take your scuba, sailing or photography skills? Is there a particular language, culture or place you want to connect with?

Maybe this summer will be the start of a new path, one that builds over more Broadreach summers to come. Or maybe you’ve been with us before and are ready for the next level of learning and adventure.

Here’s to your great journey, wherever it may lead.

Carlton Goldthwaite

Carlton Goldthwaite

A Parent’s Perspective

Read a letter from a parent. Go.

Dear Broadreach,

I would like to share a recent conversation that I had with my children that illustrates the effect your program can have on the “kids” you work with.

My son Matthew Orr is an alumnus of ’98. My daughter Brittany Orr is an alumnus of ‘01. They both had different but equally incredible experiences in your summer scuba/sailing program. When they returned from their trips, my wife and I could both tell a difference in their sense of responsibility and outlook on the world. Being very different people, the effects were equally different, but in both cases their Broadreach experience had a profound positive effect on them personally.

Fast forward 8 and 5 years respectively. Last night I was having dinner with two very mature young adults, Matt now 23 (running his own business) and Brittany now 20 (a college Jr. moving decisively into a career in event management) and I complemented them both on their maturity level compared to many of the college students I work with who are struggling to figure out what they’re about and what they’re going to do. I wondered what had made them different. Unsolicited Matt said, “I can tell you what the biggest thing was. It was Broadreach.” Given a few moments to reflect, Brittany said, “Yeah, you’re right.” They went on to reflect on the timeliness of an experience where you are basically totally responsible for yourself from the beginning, have to relate to 10 other “strangers” in close quarters for a long period of time, become increasingly responsible for others, and see a totally different part of the world, all at the age of 15 or so. They both agreed the experience influenced their lives and outlook on the world far beyond a typical “summer camp”.

I just wanted to know that your programs have had a definite positive long-term effect on my children and I’ll assume hundreds of others that have had the advantage of being in your programs. I don’t know if you have significantly changed the program content or philosophy since we’ve been involved, but hopefully you have continued to have positive influences on young people far beyond the 3-4 weeks they’re with you.


Mike Orr
Raleigh, North Carolina

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