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For Parents

Your child is part of our family too.

When choosing a summer program, we encourage you to carefully consider the qualities that set Broadreach apart. We’re parents too, you see, and we know that students aren’t the only ones with a healthy degree of curiosity.

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Since 1993, we've taken thousands of young adults on adventures to countless countries. Extensive knowledge, planning and scouting go into developing each Broadreach program, and we constantly strive to refine our trips to take advantage of new opportunities while pushing our team and students to be the best.
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A Parent’s Perspective

Read a letter from a parent. Go.

Dear Carlton,

It is hard to be an aspiring Marine Biologist when you live in the Mid-West. Such is the case with my daughter, Claire Levine. For several years we had discussed her going away to get some hands on, real world experience in the field that she feels very passionate about. About 2 winters ago she began exploring programs on the Internet and sending away for brochures. Broadreach percolated right to the top as her organization of choice. I remained skeptical at first, as Mothers do, but upon examining all the information on-line and in print, I agreed to look into it. I called your office and had most of my questions immediately answered and got a list of parents of previous participants to talk to. All of these were very positive and re-assuring experiences; as were the timely updates on logistics that I frequently received via e-mail. I was pretty confident that the trip would go smoothly when I put Claire on the plane early on one June morning.

The trip that she took (GV12) was better than Claire could have imagined while watching old Jacques Cousteau videos or too many Sponge Bob Square Pants episodes. She had taken her Open Water certification course here at home and the open water dives were in an old quarry just outside of Birmingham, Alabama where the underwater objects of interest were an old school bus and a fire engine!!!!! She was more than pleased with the amount and quality of diving on her Broadreach trip. She was able to get certified in all of the specialties that she thought were important and earn her Rescue Diver certificate. She loved the way Kristin and Daniel and Matt taught the diving classes and their enthusiasm about using the new skills. She returned to Memphis very confident about further explorations in the new field. Diving is now one of her “things”, something that she will always do. The marine life of the deep and the visit to Brother King’s Turtle Sanctuary expanded Claire’s intellectual interests. She is now actively searching for colleges with academic programs in marine science as well as near-by diving opportunities. I have to say that the whole experience has made her more focused and disciplined in all aspects of her life. Plus, she has wonderful memories to share with her family and her compatriots on the trip. Each time we see a tropical scene in a photo or on TV we are treated to another great Broadreach story. It really was a “mind broadening” experience.

I thank all of the Broadreach office staff for making logistics and planning of this trip so straightforward and non-worrisome. And I commend Claire’s counselors, Daniel Alchin, Kristen Bell and Matt Denny for teaching her some great new skills and providing her with a piece of her dream this summer. They also did a great job taking care of her when she was sick for a few days; she got better very quickly. In the Present Economic Climate I had wondered if such an adventure would be a frivolous waste of time and hard-earned money. It was not. My child returned jubilant, enlightened, and inspired — priceless.

Thank you again for the wonderful adventure.
— Margaret I. Dube
Aka Claire Levine’s Mom

A Student’s Perspective

Read a letter from a student. Go.

So, the first time I went on Broadreach (when I was 14), I had only done about twenty dives (done all very far apart) and it was still a new experience for me. I was one of those kids who was very timid and was afraid of taking risks, so diving was really stepping outside of my comfort-zone. I wanted to try something new, and diving was just one of those activities that made me feel unique; not a lot of kids my age did it. I‘d also never been fond of sleepaway camps, so this was quite a step for me.

With every trip, I learned more about myself. I began diving thinking that it would make me stick out, and now I do it because I can‘t imagine not diving. My life literally revolves around it. I want to be a marine biologist, and my dream come true would be writing for Sport Diver Magazine. If you had asked me what I wanted to do with my life four years ago and before these trips, I would have been stumped. Not only have scuba diving and Broadreach given me a direction to go in the future, but it has given me countless skills. I became a Master Diver on my first trip because I had this incredible drive to accomplish everything I could. The staff on that trip gave me no limits and I definitely adopted this "go-getter" motto after that trip.

I also discovered my love for travel on all of these trips. I am so lucky to have been diving all over the world and I now jump at every opportunity to experience a new culture and place when I can. I used to be afraid of leaving Maryland because I feared what wasn‘t familiar. I have also met some of the best people on these trips. I continue to stay in touch with people from every one of my trips who live all over the world, and words cannot describe how thankful I am for having met them. That‘s another thing that I learned on Broadreach trips: how to be outgoing and embrace meeting new people. You would never think now that I used to be a shy person. Every summer I return wanting nothing more than to go back and I know it‘s because I always discover more about myself on these trips; they bring out the best qualities in me.

— Alex Aines, Bethesda, Maryland

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