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Animal Science

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There is no comparison to real-world field experience.

In wildlife refuges, field stations, animal hospitals or out in the rainforest, learn alongside working experts in settings no classroom can match. Explore relevant topics in conservation and animal science, and then watch them come to life during hands-on activities and research. You’ll be given unprecedented access to learn from some of the top veterinarians, conservationists and biologists in their respective fields, and practice putting new skills to use in real situations. Help rehabilitate endangered species and reintroduce them into the wild. Gain practical experience in animal husbandry, preventive medicine and surgery. Study native wildlife populations in the Amazon and Galápagos. The skills you build will stay with you throughout your future academic pursuits and beyond.

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“This trip allowed me to live my life-long dream of participating in wildlife conservation efforts. I feel like I’ve grown up so much on this trip and feel more than ready to go into the next new and exciting chapter of my life: College.”— Candice Slosek
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