Veterinary Medicine

There is no comparison to real-world experience, and Broadreach’s veterinary medicine programs provide just that alongside veterinarians and conservationists in the field. In addition to visiting new and vibrant places abroad, students gain firsthand understanding of animal care, nutrition and conservation, while also assisting with surgeries under the guidance of experienced professionals.

During Broadreach veterinary medicine adventures, students will:

  • Volunteer in wildlife centers and field research stations.
  • Gain hands-on experience working with a variety of animals across remote locations.
  • Conduct research alongside professional researchers and veterinarians.
  • Explore different professional paths available to work with animals.

  • Perform service projects in meaningful areas of the world. 

  • Build practical skills in animal care, preventative medicine and conservation.

Veterinary medicine summer programs

All students have the opportunity to earn college credit through Lesley University. The world becomes the classroom as students study animal behavior in the jungles of Costa Rica or work with rare species in Bali. No matter the location, Broadreach veterinary medicine students embark on incredible adventures with new friends, exploring new cultures and learning together.