College Veterinary Medicine Summer Programs

Work alongside professional veterinarians at wildlife refuges, rescue centers and animal hospitals in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica or Bali. Gain hands-on experience in nutrition, pathology, immunology and surgery. If studying animal science or veterinary medicine is in your future, this summer you’ll gain actual, real-world experience that will advance your knowledge in the classroom in a way no textbook can.

Earn college credit as you learn the fundamentals of physical exams, assist local vets with spays and neuters, volunteer in dog rescue and wildlife rehabilitation centers, work with leading researchers and veterinarians in the field, and take time out to enjoy the jungles while hiking, zip lining and whitewater rafting. Get ready for a rewarding learning experience you can’t get anywhere else.

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Explore the World

Broadreach students explore the world in small groups of like-minded peers and are challenged and supported by highly qualified instructors to discover and build on their own abilities through hands-on and intentionally designed adventures. The countries and communities we visit provide perfect landscapes for intellectual discovery, skill mastery, rich cultural experience and incomparable adventure.

Available Programs