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Broadreach is the world leader in dive training for teens. An accredited PADI Five Star Dive Center, we offer the most varied and in-depth beginner scuba experiences in the world.

No experience is necessary to embark on a journey marked by incredible achievements earning scuba certifications and filled with lasting memories. The lush islands of the Caribbean are where our first scuba adventures took place over 26 years ago, and serve as the perfect spot for the beginning scuba diver to get their feet wet. To this day, no other destination better embodies our core principles of hands-on discovery, adventure, skill-building and working as a team to achieve an unparalleled experience.

Climb aboard one of our Caribbean live-aboard voyages and learn to sail while earning several scuba certifications and specialties. Whatever your passion, your opportunities for learning while getting scuba certified are endless! Beyond your new found diving skills and certifications, develop confidence and leadership skills as you and your group explore the world and your place in it.

Our Most Popular Scuba Certification Programs

MS Current Grades 6-8
HS Current Grades 9-12
C Currently in College

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Not sure which Broadreach scuba certification program is the right fit for your goals? Give us a call at 919-256-8200 and we can answer all of your questions. We love to talk about all things Broadreach and we’re here to help!

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The program not only taught her diving and sailing skills, but the other valuable lessons like teamwork, shared responsibility and discipline.
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