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Climb aboard and prepare for an extraordinary voyage with a small group of 10-12 like-minded adventurers.

The warm water, gentle trade winds and lush islands of the Caribbean are where our first adventures took place over 24 years ago. To this day, no other destination or sailing camp better embodies tour core principles of hands-on discovery, adventure, skill building and working as a team to achieve an unparalleled experience.

Nothing can prepare you for the freedom of sailing. Imagine sun shining on your face, laughter mixed with music and your sails pulled tight to the wind. Discover the magic of the underwater world as you glide past vibrant coral gardens and mysterious wrecks. Explore lush volcanic craters and feel the thrill of releasing a hawksbill turtle back into the ocean. Live aboard a yacht and learn how to crew the vessel with new friends you’ll keep for a lifetime. No experience is required to embark on a journey marked by incredible achievements and filled with lasting memories.

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The final photo of my son sailing at the helm as the boat arrived in Trinidad is priceless. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
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